Koala 1/4HP, 1/2HP and 1HP Blowers

Price: $119.00 (KP280)
$129.00 (KP680)
$149.00 (KP1200)
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CE Certified
C-UL-US Listed

Don't let the size of the B-Air Koalas fool you! The Koala ½ HP Blower, for example is ideal for inflating the smaller play structures like a 13 X 13 Bounce House or smaller home use Inflatables.

The Koala is very efficient and economical with its smaller motor, and is extremely easy to transport because of their light weight and built-in handles.

Koalas are available in 3 sizes:

¼ HP : Model # KP280
½ HP : Model # KP680
1HP : Model # KP1200

Please note: Handle & yellow snout are not available with KP280 model.
Model KP280 KP680 KP1200
Voltage 115V 115V 115V
Max Air Volume 180CFM 447CFM 634CFM
Amps with back pressure 2A 4.5A 6A
Max Static Pressure 5" 6.75" 7.25"
Weight Net/Gr 8 Lbs 13 Lbs 18 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 14.2"x14.2"x 11" 16.2"x 16.2"x 11.5" 17.4"x 17.4"x 12.6"
Wheel Speed (RPM) 3200 3200 3200
Motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP 1 HP
Attached Cord (14G) 6 Ft 6 Ft 6 Ft

Model KP280/230V KP680/230V
Voltage 230V 230V
Max Air Volume 180CFM 569CFM
Amps 1A 2.3A
Max Static Pressure 5inch 7.2"
Weight Net/Gr 8 Lbs 18 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 14.2"x14.2"x 11" 17.4"x 17.4"x 12.6"
Wheel Speed (RPM) 2800 2800
Motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP
Attached Cord (14G) 6 Ft 6 Ft

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