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B-Air® | Building the World’s Most Reliable Dryers, Blowers and Air Movers

The B-Air® restoration and jan/ san line of products serves the needs of the water damage restoration, carpet drying, and janitorial service industries by offering safe, durable air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers. B-Air® offers top quality products for use in water damage restoration projects and jan/san jobs in both home and commercial buildings.

For almost two decades, B-Air® has developed and manufactured air movers, dryers, blowers, dehumidifiers and ventilators for commercial and retail use. B-Air® prides itself on creating the highest quality products to supply the needs of the ever changing and evolving industries it serves. B-Air products are designed and engineered in California ensuring attention to detail and the highest standard of quality. Leading the industry when it comes to the inflatable and pet industries, B-Air is positioned to become a market leader in the water damage restoration and janitorial industry having already become the go-to company for quality air movers, dehumidifiers, scrubbers, water damage restoration equipment and more. With accolades by reputable organizations, B-Air® continues to uphold its core objectives: to develop superior products with exceptional customer service.

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Discover the B-Air® UDS-76 Water Damage Restoration Trailer | The Ultimate Drying Station

Picture yourself pulling the fully equipped, fully loaded Ultimate Drying Station up to a customer’s door. Now imagine the impression you will make as your customer discovers the personal details of the custom wrap, the mag wheels, the professional equipment and the diamond plate design. You are a professional contractor; it’s time to show it!

Your Ultimate Drying Station | UDS-76 Trailer has the capacity to organize and securely hold over 100 pieces of drying equipment. Additionally, each side of this custom wrapped trailer becomes your company branded billboard whenever it’s rolling down the street or parked on the jobsite.

The Ultimate Drying Station | UDS-76 Trailer is sold turnkey, fully equipped to your specifications. You decide the layout, the number of air movers and dehumidifiers you need along with your logo and design. We’ll do the rest.


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