Using High-Velocity Dryers Correctly: Tips and Techniques

Dog grooming with a high velocity dryer

Most pets enjoy bath time. But never the drying part. If we can only skip this process, we would. But as pet owners, we know that keeping them dry and warm is a basic hygiene practice essential for their overall health and well-being. The use of high-velocity dryers is currently the most effective drying technique for dogs. It’s easy, quick, and safe. When used correctly on any given fur type, a high-velocity dog grooming dryer is the drying method that gives the best results.

On this guide, we’ll talk about the benefits of using high-velocity dog dryers, as well as the best practices to ensure the best results.

Benefits of High-Velocity Dryers 

A high-velocity blower is a machine that blows air at a very powerful rate. It’s great for getting rid of excess water from your dog’s coat and removing loose hair from the undercoat. Most pet owners choose this among other drying methods because of the following advantages:

1. It’s quick and easy to use

Also called forced air dryer for dogs, high-velocity dryers make use of air pressure to penetrate thick coats and remove water efficiently. It’s among the quick drying methods used by professional groomers and a majority of pet owners. Among the key features of this safe drying method are:

  • It can be used to dry the sensitive areas of the dog, unlike traditional air dryers.
  • It dries both the outer and inner coat effectively.
  • It has a simple mechanism. Some models come with variable speed controls for easy operation. 

2. It can be used for various coat types

One of the major pros of high-velocity drying is that it can be used to tackle different coat types. If you have more than one dog with varying coat type and thickness, you will benefit from using a velocity dryer. 

3. It can remove loose fur

We all love furry dogs. Unfortunately, they shed a lot. If you have a heavy coated bath and brush dog, you will greatly benefit from a high-velocity dryer. After bathing, it is normal for furry dogs to have loose hair stuck in their skin. It may not be noticeable at first but in the following days, the fur will start to land everywhere – from your favorite sofa and most precious carpet to your pricey home furnishings. Whether you’re hiring a groomer or doing it on your own, quick drying after bathing is needed to get rid of pet fur, particularly the packed coat. A high-velocity dog dryer can effectively remove loose fur through the following ways:

  • By blowing a powerful stream of air that removes shedding coats, mats, and tangles.
  • By blowing the shampoo out of the coat on the second lather when used with a condensing nozzle (the shampoo provides lubrication and the air pushes hair strands apart).
  • By giving you a clear view of the skin, making it easy to spot tangles, mats, and fur balls stuck in the skin.

Getting Your Dog Comfortable with a Velocity Dryer

Pet dryers make grooming easy. There’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, they often make our dogs unhappy and scared. The unwelcome blast of air and the startling noise of the machine can make the whole grooming process a very stressful experience for your pet.

Luckily, making grooming easier is possible if you know the right techniques when using your high-velocity dryer. Consider these tips to help ease your dog’s discomfort:

  • Let your pet know that it can’t harm them. Like humans, dogs learn quickly. An important step to getting your dog comfortable with a velocity dryer is to introduce him to the dryer until he becomes familiar with it. Don’t rush this process. 
  • Use ear and eye protection while grooming. Dogs have sensitive ears. What is loud to us is already intolerable to them. 
  • Always be gentle. Give your pooch warm, gentle stroke, some hugs, and kisses, to lessen their anxiety. Don’t forget to give your dog some treats too!
  • Create dog-friendly grooming and dog drying station. If you have a large-breed dog, a grooming table is a good investment. 

Choosing the Right Forced Air Dryer for Your Dog

Experts recommend choosing professional dog grooming dryers because they are quieter, powerful, and durable. They are more expensive than regular dryers but are definitely worth the investment.

The best dog grooming dryers have several admirable features, such as portability, high airflow, and variable speed settings. They blow warm air without a heating element to protect the dog’s coat and skin from damage. This means that a high-velocity dryer for dogs doesn’t blow hot air. Rather, it throws air with such a force that it makes the water from the dog’s fur blast back.

Using the High-Velocity Dryer like a Pro

Check out these pet drying techniques for a safe and fun grooming session with your furry friend:

  • Groom your dog in a small room, such as a bathroom. Allow him to feel comfortable with the dryer. 
  • Start with a low setting. Have the dog listen to the sound before the air is introduced.
  • Give him some treats from time to time while you are drying him. Just like when training him, you want your dog to associate the dryer with something fun and positive.
  • Gradually adjust the speed to your desired setting.
  • Work as fast as you can, working your way forward over your pet’s entire body. Hold a towel behind the spot you are working on to reduce the amount of spray getting back to your pet’s fur.
  • Hold the dryer as close to your pet’s skin. Since no hot air is released, drying dogs quickly is easy.
  • Ensure that the air does not blow towards the face and ears of your pet. 


Proper grooming is essential to the overall health and well-being of our pets. It can be difficult to manage problems like hair shedding and tangling. Luckily, a high-velocity dryer makes grooming quick and easy. Just keep in mind the drying tips and techniques mentioned above to effectively dry your pet while making him feel comfortable throughout.