Disadvantages of Traditional Drying Methods & How a Home Pet Dryer Will Make Your Life Easier

Disadvantages of Traditional Dog Drying Methods

It’s like a cliché from a movie: your pet stands in the doorway covered in dirt. You just let your pet out for a second, and now this. If you’re a pet owner you’ve probably experienced this more than once with your four-legged friend. Pets love to get dirty — it comes with the territory. Dirt and gunk love to latch onto our pets. Regardless of the circumstances, our beloved animals will get dirty at some point. It’s inevitable – even dogs that spend all day lying on the couch will eventually need a bath. There is no way to avoid our beloved pets getting dirty, but there are options when it comes to getting them clean again.

You can choose to take your dog to a professional groomer, a costly and time-consuming option, or you can bathe them at home – saving you time and money, and saving your dog from any unnecessary stress. Bathing your dog at home comes with a number of other benefits as well, including special bonding time with your pup and a chance to check for any potential health issues like rashes or parasites.

After bath time, we are faced with the choice of how best to dry our pets. The towels, blow dryers and other methods we use on our own locks are possibilities when it comes to drying dog hair, but are they really the best options? It’s important to consider the pros and cons of these prospects. When considering the pros and cons of different drying methods, it is important to consider your dog’s individual needs – breed, coat type, medical conditions, and temperament are just a few key factors to consider. We need proper knowledge to adequately address our pets’ grooming needs; this includes how we dry them after a bath.

B-Air®: Easy Drying

B-Air® believes the best option for at-home pet drying is our B-Air® Fido Max 1 dog dryer, endorsed by Cesar Millan. But many people still aren’t familiar with the benefits of using a professional-grade dog dryer for home grooming. Pet owners frequently delegate the task of washing and drying to the professionals. Why not cut out the middle-man? After all, many groomers use B-Air pet dryers themselves.

B-Air Fido Max 1 dog dryer is the best option

B-Air® manufactures the best dog dryers for home use. It offers the fastest way to dry a dog, and B-Air® Fido dog dryers also have the highest certification available from ETL, which ensures these products comply with comprehensive North American safety standards. This pet dryer also produces dryer coats than traditional drying methods by using high-velocity air to repel water off of their coat, which elevates your dog’s health and appearance.

Other methods of home pet drying simply don’t stand up to B-Air® Fido Max 1 pet dryer. For too long pet owners have resorted to towels, blow dryers or air drying methods. Leave these flawed approaches behind and step into the future of home dog drying.

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog After a Bath?

You did it! You washed your dog. Now your sopping pet stands before you, ready to unleash a mighty shake and drench everything in sight. This is the crucial stage: drying.

In many ways, washing your pet is the easy part. Drying represents the most vital element in determining the success of bath time. An effective drying strategy will make or break your pet’s mood and your own. Before your dog lets loose a trademark explosive shake, ensure you know what to do.

Unless you want a second-hand shower from a shaking pooch, it is wise to get your drying process down before bath time begins. Consider your options.

Drying the most important element of bath time


At first glance, towels seem to offer a common sense approach. You might feel the draw of towels for many reasons. For one, towels are in good supply — it’s usually a matter of grabbing one off the shelf. Towels also do not require any electricity. They are reusable and inexpensive. These combined factors often convince pet owners that towels offer the best choice for pet drying.

But despite the convenience, towels simply don’t produce the best result. Any pet owner knows that, after a bath, you have a very wet animal on your hands. Even if you furiously rub your pet dry with a towel, they will remain fairly damp. Exerting all your energy on feverishly drying your dog with a towel will leave you feeling spent. Drying a dog is hard work! Not only that, but your dog does not get fully dry this way. Towels undermine your efforts.

After drying your dog with a towel, your damp pet runs off to roll around on your furniture and carpets. If you use towels, do not be surprised if the “wet dog” smell lingers in your home for several hours, or even days. It’s very easy for a home to slowly build up the unmistakable odor of a wet dog. There is no mystery at play here — the culprit is towels. Some pet owners still accept the shortcomings of towels. They are plentiful and renewable. These factors appear beneficial, but they also harbor a downside: specifically, extra laundry and the risk of your other towels and laundry adopting that wet dog smell.

With all the extra loads of laundry you’re doing to wash tons of towels, you’ll unnecessarily waste money in the form of higher electricity, water utility costs, and the eventual cost of replacing your dog-drying towels. You always need multiple towels to achieve a passable result, and no matter how many towels you use a towel will only ever really make a wet dog damp.

Towels only make a wet dog damp

Blow Dryers

While blow dryers are known for providing stellar results on human hair and are a staple in every hair salon as well as most of our own homes, they are not a very safe method for dogs. Think of how warm the air produced by a hair dryer becomes, this can be painful even for people if care isn’t taken. For pets, we shouldn’t even think about it. Dogs maintain a much higher internal body temperature than people do. This means they are much more susceptible to overheating and burns.

Blow dryers are simply too hot for dogs. Even if you maintain the utmost care and keep the blow dryer moving so it never stays in one spot, it’s too risky; pets can’t tell us when the air becomes too hot. The same way that your hairdresser or barber always asks you if the water is too hot when they wash your hair, dogs have different temperamental preferences when it comes to external heat. It’s easy to burn a dog unintentionally because they cannot tell us when they are experiencing discomfort.

Pet owners often grab hair dryers because they’re around the house, and that is their go-to drying method when their own hair is wet. We are familiar with them. We know how to use them and they’re convenient. They also seem like a faster method than towels. Unfortunately, they present too many dangers for pet use.

Air Drying

You might ask, “Why not just let the dog dry off outside?” Certainly, this natural method bears some merit. After all, you can hang your clothes on the line and they come back smelling clean and fresh. Wouldn’t the same principle apply for your dog? Not exactly. There are usually two places we bathe our dogs: 1) In the bathroom, or 2) Outside. In both situations, you’ll run into problems. First off, you don’t want a wet dog anywhere inside your house (other than the bathtub). Once you let your soaking furry friend loose you will have water all over your home.

In preparation for this issue, perhaps you washed your dog outside in the first place. What could go wrong now? Unfortunately, bathing outside always runs the risk that your pet will immediately get dirty again. Dirt and dust both love wet fur, and wet dogs love to roll. Don’t let your efforts go to waste as your dog rolls around in the grass.

Dog rolls around in the grass

Lastly, the air drying method simply does not achieve an optimal result. Even if you tie your dog in an outdoor area and there is no possibility of any dirt ruining your hard work, your dog still won’t achieve the same level of dryness that the B-Air Fido Max 1 dog dryer offers.

B-Air® Pet Dryers

The B-Air® pet dryer produces the driest pets using the safest method possible. No other product gives you the best of both worlds and is also available at an affordable price.

We consider these two aspects of the B-Air® dryers to be the main advantages. Using the B-Air® Fido Max 1 dog dryer, endorsed by Cesar Millan, you will save yourself time, money, and frustration – and provide world-class care for your four-legged friend.

B-Air pet dryers - the safest method possible

Safe and Dry

With the B-Air® pet dryer, you will get the driest pet in the least amount of time. This quiet pet dryer will help even the most anxious pet remain calm and still.

Quiet pet dryer helps your pet remain calm

The B-Air® dryer uses only the safest air temperature to dry your pet. Some dryers employ a dangerous amount of heat, which presents a major safety risk. You don’t want to burn or hurt your pet. The Fido Max 1 pet dryer provides safety and quality. The high-velocity air created by the Fido Max 1 pet dryer repels water off of your pet’s fur, which gives you a superior result compared to heated air dryers.

As mentioned previously, dogs easily overheat. We are all familiar with the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. The same principle applies to pet dryers. This makes ensuring air temperature safety a top priority when drying. What is warm and comfortable for you is often too hot for your dog. Another significant health danger in hot air dryers concerns skin dehydration. These scorching driers completely eviscerate the natural moisture in your dog’s skin. This can result in skin irritations, flaky skin and rashes.

Fortunately, there is a safe solution available that will allow you to quickly and thoroughly dry your pet. Our safe air temperature driers produce an optimal result in no time, without any danger to your pet’s skin. With all the bases covered, it’s no wonder the B-Air® dryers have received ETL certification.

ETL Certification and Endorsements

A dryer this good doesn’t stay secret for long. These pet dryers employ modern, state-of-the-art design and engineering, manufactured right in California. It doesn’t matter what size, type, breed or species of pet you possess — B-Air® has got you covered. Not only will the dryer safely and rapidly dry your pet post-bath, but there are also accessories to help you complete the job! Each dryer comes with all the necessary types of nozzles for drying pets of any hair length. There are nozzles for any type of hair or fur, not to mention nozzles designed for sensitive areas like eyes and ears.

Types of pet dryer nozzles

B-Air® does not stake its reputation on versatility alone. We are talking about the number-one rated pet dryer on the market. B-Air® consistently shows as the top pet dryer on Amazon. There is no mystery here — a product this good demands attention. Cesar Millan made his name and career based on a deep knowledge of, and affinity toward, dogs and their owners, and is known as the “dog whisperer.” His endorsement of pet products does not come lightly. It bears weight, and B-Air® is proud to sell the dryers bearing his seal of approval.

Not only does B-Air® boast the highest sales on Amazon and the endorsement of Cesar Millan, but we also have the distinction of ETL certification. An ETL certification represents the gold standard for product safety ratings. The ETL is a consumer safety oversight committee. They award their certification only to products that successfully meet their rigorous criteria. Our B-Air® pet dyers have passed and exceeded these rigorous requirements.

The B-Air® pet dryer’s reputation is nothing new. For over 15 years, we have sold B-Air® dryers to professional groomers and every other kind of pet owner. Our customers appreciate the high standard of customer service provided by B-Air and the pet drying products that will serve them for years to come. Professional and amateur pet-enthusiasts alike endorse our product because we care not only about the utility of our products, but the comfort and appearance of the dogs they are used on.

The Importance of Dog Comfort

For all the methods we have discussed, an image pops into your mind. In one, perhaps you are aggressively scrubbing a towel over a bewildered dog. In another, a dog becomes the helpless victim of a hair dryer burn. Or you picture a lonely dog left outside, corralled in an enclosure to air dry, where they probably find a way to become dirty again. None of these drying solutions paints a particularly pleasant picture.

Drying doesn’t need to present a hassle, nor does it need to take a lengthy amount of time or inconvenience your pet. Our B-Air® dryers offer the most comfortable method of pet drying available and one that is quiet enough not to cause an undue amount of stress on your pet. Get the job done in the safest, fastest, most effective and comfortable way possible.

Coat Appearance

We all want our dog’s coat to be soft and shiny. There is nothing like a clean, dry, and pristine-looking pooch. Achieving the best and most beautiful result requires effective drying. It’s the final stage – good drying will make or breaks the look.

Pet dryers for effective drying

To school you on the basics of coat appearance: the dryer, the better. The healthiest and shiniest coats result from the best drying. When you dry your dog, you need to remove all the moisture possible. You shouldn’t feel any dampness when you run your hands along their coat. How to achieve this? Ask the experts. Professional dog groomers consistently choose the B-Air® pet dryers because of the superior results they provide.

Dog groomers stake their reputation on the appearance of the dogs they serve. This probably explains why we, at B-Air®, have sold our industry-standard dryers to groomers for over 15 years. Our customers keep coming back because they know they will get a high quality, reliable product every time. Other drying methods can hinder the appearance of a dog’s coat. If you rub your dog with a towel, you run the risk of matting and entangling their hair. Especially on dogs with longer fur and undercoats, the hairs quickly intertwine and become a mess of mats.

Not to mention, towel drying often doesn’t reach the base of the hair follicles, leaving moisture behind. This detracts from the volume and freshness of a freshly washed coat of fur, and can carry an unpleasant odor. Other options like blow-drying can burn the hairs, which smells even worse and remove essential oils from a dog’s coat. B-Air® dog dryers represent the professional standard for producing clean, soft, shiny coats on dogs of all shapes and sizes.

B-Air dog dryers work on dogs of all shapes and sizes

Come Check Us Out

When it comes to drying your pet, there are many methods to choose from; including towel drying, human blow dryers, and air drying. However, these makeshift solutions simply can’t compare to the performance of the B-Air® Fido dog dryer.

The B-Air® Fido dog dryer is designed to dry your pets in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible. It meets and exceeds rigorous safety standards, and has been tested by professional groomers. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when grooming your pet at home. Check out the B-Air® Fido pet dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan today, and contact one of our pet dryer experts with any questions!