Gift Buying Guide: Why Pet Dryers Make Great Gifts

Gift Buying Guide: Why Pet Dryers Make Great Gifts

Searching for the perfect gift idea for a dog lover? Look no further than dog dryers!

Typically, purchasing a gift for a dog lover may prove to be difficult, especially if you’re buying a gift for this individual for the first time or for an exceptionally picky person. Thanks to the B-Air® Fido Max 1 endorsed by Cesar Millan, however, you’re sure to pick up an exceptional product that any dog lover can enjoy for an extended period of time.

A dog dryer can prove to be a cost- and time-saver, and this product can make it simple for a dog lover to groom his or her pup at home. A pet dryer can even help a pet owner improve his or her relationship with a pup and ensure this dog receives terrific care throughout the grooming process.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why pet dryers make great gifts for pet lovers, including:

1. Cost Savings

The costs associated with a trip to a pet groomer can add up quickly. In fact, Angie’s List reported standard pet grooming expenses to range from $30 to $90 per visit, depending on the size of a canine. Also, Angie’s List members said they paid an average of $53 per dog grooming visit in 2014, and pet grooming costs may continue to rise if dog grooming services remain in high demand nationwide.

Let’s not forget about the costs associated with driving to and from a pet groomer, either. AAA reported the national average price of gas last year was $2.40 per gallon, while the average cost of diesel was $2.71 per gallon. This means if a person takes their pup to the pet groomer several times a year, the fuel costs may add up. Now, imagine what it would be like if we could eliminate the majority of the costs associated with pet groomers altogether. Thanks to the B-Air® Fido dog dryer, you can save money and enjoy the benefits of the best dog dryer at the same time.

The B-Air® pet dryer represents a one-time expense and will maintain its quality for years to come. With this purchase, you can give your dog loving friend or family member years of grooming, and can use it to keep their dog neat and clean consistently without having to worry about paying exorbitant pet grooming costs throughout the course of the year.

2. Time Savings

In addition to the costs associated with pet groomers, it’s important to consider the time a pooch and their owner will spend at a groomer’s.

A typical trip to the groomer lasts 2-4 hours

Usually, a pet groomer visit will last between two to four hours. You also need to account for the time it takes to get a dog ready to go to the pet groomer and the time it takes to drive to and from the business location. In addition to that, consider the time it takes to schedule an appointment with a pet groomer, and the time it takes to reorganize a daily schedule to ensure a dog owner can fit a grooming visit into their day-to-day activities.

Time is valuable for everyone, and saving even a few minutes each day can make a world of difference for a dog owner and their pup. Thankfully, the B-Air® pet dryer lets a dedicated pet owner cut out the time it takes to go to the groomer by removing the need for professional pet grooming services entirely. As the best pet dryer on the market today, the B-Air® pet dryer makes it simple and safe for a pet owner to dry their dog after a bath. Thus, you may be able to save time on pet grooming by picking up a B-Air® pet dryer.

3. Reduced Pet Shedding

Pet shedding is a major problem for dogs, regardless of breed. And even if you brush your pet and feed him or her high-quality food regularly, there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to prevent excessive shedding. Clearly, there is no “magic potion” to stop your pup from shedding, but the B-Air® pet dryer empowers you to reduce shedding by removing loose hair from your canine with ease. The B-Air® pet dryer offers a valuable de-shedding option — it’s safe and easy to use and has been proven to perform better than towels after bathing a dog.

For instance, you may choose to bathe your dog in the bathtub and dry him or her with towels afterward. Doing so, however, usually offers limited results — particularly when it comes to reducing shedding. Therefore, despite your best efforts, your pup may continue to shed after a bath, leaving clumps of hair and fur throughout your home. On the other hand, a pet dryer can be used to de-shed a dog’s coat. It repels water from a pup’s coat and ensures a dog’s coat is completely dry and eliminates the need for towels to dry your canine. Towels commonly allow pet owners to make a wet dog damp, but not dry. Comparatively, a pet dryer ensures a pet owner can dry a pup’s coat without heat, which makes it a safe and reliable option for pet grooming.

4. Minimize the Risk of “Wet Dog Smell” on Furniture

Pet owners love their dogs, but they certainly could do without the “wet dog smell” that causes pungent odors throughout the home after bathing their dog. Fortunately, the B-Air Fido dog dryer helps pet lovers put wet dog smell out to pasture. After bathing a dog and drying him or her off with towels, your pup may still remain damp for several hours. As a result, if a pup lies on the couch or relaxes in his or her dog bed, wet dog smells could develop that linger for days or weeks.

With the best pet dryer at their disposal, pet owners can dry their dogs quickly and efficiently after a bath. This pet dryer eliminates the risk that a dog maintains a damp coat after a bath and, as such, removes the chance that wet dog smell could invade the home.

5. Additional Bonding Time With Your Pup

Let’s face it — your friend or family member’s pup might dread a trip to the dog groomer, and for good reason. This trip to an unknown environment where he or she is handled by a stranger could cause them to suffer from increased stress and anxiety. Perhaps worst of all, the dog is away from their owner for several hours, which means they are missing out on an opportunity to spend time with their favorite four-legged friend.

Increased stress and anxiety

The B-Air® Fido dog dryer provides your friend a golden opportunity to bond with their pup – something they will thank you for years to come! Because a pet dryer can be used to eliminate the need for trips to the pet groomer, owners can spend additional time with their four-legged friends, ensuring he or she is clean, neat and relaxed throughout the entire grooming process.

Remember — the more time a pup spends with their owner, the more he or she will feel comfortable with them. And over an extended period of time, using the B-Air® Fido dog dryer consistently, a dog may start to embrace the opportunity for their owner to groom them.

6. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Dog owners want the best for their pups. And even though a visit to a pet groomer may seem like a great idea initially, it may prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. Stress and anxiety can cause a dog to bite or run away. These types of behavior may make it difficult for a groomer to do their job properly and cause unnecessary stress for the animal. Many pet owners deal with stress and anxiety when they take their pups to a pet groomer, too. Leaving a beloved four-legged friend in a stranger’s hands — even if he or she will groom your pup quickly and safely — may cause anxiety for the owner as well.

And if a dog has a poor experience at the pet groomer, there’s no telling how long the stress and anxiety associated with the visit could continue to affect both dog and owner. Stress and anxiety can be long-lasting problems for pet owners and their pups, but the B-Air Fido dog dryer can help alleviate such issues.

The B-Air® Fido dog dryer ensures a pet owner can groom their dog at home, at their convenience. That way, instead of having to visit a potentially anxiety-causing pet groomer, they can groom their pet in a familiar, comfortable setting. This may help a pet become more comfortable with the grooming process, along with minimizing the stress and anxiety associated with a visit to a pet groomer, both now and in the future.

7. Improved Safety

If stress and anxiety get the best of your friend or family member’s dog while he or she is visiting a pet groomer, there’s no telling what might happen. Stress and anxiety sometimes can make a pup unpredictable, which means your dog may put itself or others in danger. When it comes to your pup’s safety, there may be no better choice than the B-Air Fido dog dryer. This pet dryer ensures you can groom your pup at home under your care, which is something both you and your pup are sure to appreciate.

What Should You Look for in a Pet Dryer?

Pet dryers offer myriad benefits for dog owners and their pups. Conversely, selecting the right pet dryer may prove to be challenging, especially if you want to pick one up as a gift for a pet lover. The pet dryer experts at B-Air® are here to help you find the ideal pet dryer with ease, so here’s a closer look at seven key factors to consider when you search for a pet dryer.

1. Size

A lightweight, compact pet dryer often serves as a wonderful choice for any pet lover. This pet dryer will ensure that a pet owner won’t need to overexert himself or herself to move the pet dryer from place to place. Also, a portable pet dryer will enable a pet owner to use the product at his or her home, or any other location, quickly and effortlessly.

2. Blow-Drying Capabilities

What differentiates a pet dryer from an ordinary hair dryer? It’s blow-drying capabilities! While a hair dryer provides warm air to help a person dry his or her hair, a pet dryer blows air at room temperature. And pet owners who understand the differences between pet dryers and hair dryers can avoid putting their pups in danger.

The difference between a pet dryer and a blow dryer

Your pup needs a pet dryer instead of a hairdryer, because if you use a hair dryer, your pup may start to overheat due to the warm air. In addition, the use of warm air may cause skin irritation and rashes that can escalate quickly. If you pick up a pet dryer with superior blow-drying capabilities, you’re sure to see superior results. This product is safe to use and will help you groom your pet and improve your pup’s chances of maintaining a high-quality coat for years to come.

3. Strength

A pet dryer’s strength is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFPM). If a dog dryer has a high CFPM, this means the product will blast more air than others on the market. When you evaluate pet dryers, you’ll want to consider the size of your dog relative to a pet dryer’s strength. For bigger dogs, you may want to consider a pet dryer that offers an above-average CFPM.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

How much do you spend at the dog groomer each year? Performing a cost analysis that highlights how much you’re spending at the dog groomer versus how much a pet dryer costs may help you determine whether a dog dryer is right for you or someone you’re looking for a gift for.

Pet dryers commonly serve as cost-effective options when compared to the expenses associated with going to a professional pet groomer. These dryers are built to last and serve pet owners well year after year, making them great choices for pet owners who want to save money.

5. Noise

A well-constructed pet dryer may make some noise, but this noise should not be overwhelming. As such, you’ll want to consider how much noise a pet dryer might make before you purchase one, particularly if your pup is afraid of loud noises. For the most part, pet dryers feature foam padding or a polymer casing that helps minimize excessive noise. This means the pet dryer will still create some noise, but not enough to distract your pup.

6. Durability

Is a pet dryer built to withstand the rigors of grooming your dog? You’ll want to find a durable pet dryer from a proven manufacturer to ensure that this product is constructed to last through years of use. Moreover, you may want to consider what globally recognized pet organizations are saying about a pet dryer before you purchase one. These organizations may conduct extensive testing of pet dryers, and if a pet dryer meets or exceeds their expectations, this product may prove to be the best choice for you and your pup.

7. ETL Certification

ETL certification verifies that a pet dryer has been independently tested and achieves or exceeds published safety standards. If you notice the ETL Mark on a pet dryer, this indicates that the product meets a wide range of North American safety standards — a clear indication that this product is safe for use at any time.

ETL certification

When you search for pet dryers, ETL certification should be a top consideration. The ETL Mark is the fastest-growing safety certification in North America, and with this mark in place, a pet dryer is sure to offer a safe, reliable experience that you and your pup can enjoy day after day.

Why Should You Choose the B-Air Fido Dog Dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan?

The B-Air® Fido Dog Dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan offers a superb choice among pet dryers because it delivers proven benefits for dog lovers and their pets, including:

  • Exceptional Quality — For more than 15 years, B-Air® has provided pet lovers and professionals with top-notch pet dryers. We’re committed to providing dog dryers that meet the needs of pet lovers nationwide, and as such, focus on unsurpassed design and engineering at our California facility. Thanks to our commitment to outstanding quality, pet lovers are sure to enjoy pet dryers that deliver amazing results and ensure their canines can enjoy an unbeatable grooming experience at all times.
  • First-Rate Service — We understand that pet lovers and their pets deserve the best service possible at all times. To guarantee that we are able to meet or exceed the needs of our clients, we are constantly improving our line of pet drying equipment. This guarantees that dog owners get the most out of their dog dryer every day, as it is the result of years of engineering and design improvements.
  • ETL Certification — Unfortunately, many pet dryers lack ETL certification. But the B-Air® Fido dog dryer is ETL-certified and does not use heat to dry your pup. As such, our pet dryer offers a safe, dependable choice for pet owners — one that should serve them for years to come.
  • Reduced Need for Professional Grooming Services — Don’t let your friend or family member break the bank to take their dog to a professional pet groomer. Instead, pick up the B-Air ®Fido dog dryer, and you can reduce or eliminate their need for professional grooming services. Our dog dryer will enable them to minimize the costs and time they spend on professional grooming services and ensures their pup is fully groomed at their convenience.
  • Dry at Any Time — A pet dryer can offer constant support – whether drying a dog after a bath, a swim in the local pond, or a walk in the rain. This dog dryer will allow pet owners to dry their pup at home, at any time, and the product will continue to perform for years.

Lastly, our B-Air® Fido dog dryer is endorsed by Cesar Millan, the globally acclaimed star of “Cesar 911” and “Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan.”

Millan boasts more than two decades of dog experience and has helped rehabilitate hundreds of dogs. He has created many instructional DVDs and offers seminars that highlight dog psychology and rehabilitation methods that deliver phenomenal results.

Today, Millan assists dogs who often are thought to be beyond rehabilitation, rescuing these animals and teaching them what it takes to become a pack leader. He even helps pet owners understand how to bring balance to their relationships with their pups, ensuring both pet owners and their pets can reap the benefits of a true partnership.

Millan is a leading dog psychology and rehabilitation resource who recognizes what it takes to provide pups with the right care. Meanwhile, the B-Air Fido dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan can make it easier for pet owners to foster long-lasting partnerships with their pups and provide these dogs with the support they deserve.

Pick Up a B-Air® Fido Dog Dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan Today!

Make a distinct impression on any pet lover by purchasing the B-Air® Fido dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan. This top-of-the-line pet dryer is sure to bring a smile to any pet lover’s face and offers a great gift choice for any occasion.

To learn more about our B-Air® pet dryers and why these products make great gifts for pet lovers, please call us today at 877-800-BAIR. Our B-Air® pet dryer experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure you’re able to pick up the best dog dryer for any pet lover in your life.