Reasons to Wash & Dry Your Pet at Home Instead of at the Groomers

Reasons to Wash & Dry Your Pet at Home

Pets get dirty, and you can’t blame them. Whether they’re running around outside or sitting on the couch, at some point, your pet will need a bath. Grime and stink don’t discriminate — even the prissiest poodles get greasy. All pet owners eventually need to bathe their pets.

When you’re faced with a smelly pet in desperate need of washing, you have a decision to make: Do you wash your pets yourself or take them to a groomer? Many pet owners choose the groomer. After all, groomers exist for a reason. Many people believe a trip to the groomer is necessary for their pet to receive premium grooming care.

We, at B-Air®, however, believe in your pet grooming potential. Sure, you’ll get your hands wet, but it’s not so bad. More than becoming a groomer extraordinaire, bathing at home can offer advantages over a groomer.

Here you can see Dog Drying and Grooming Equipment that was designed and engineered having in mind your and your pet’s needs and preferences.

We’ll cover all the perks of bathing your pet at home. As you’ll see, there are tons of reasons to prefer the DIY method. Some of the many benefits include:

  • More bonding with your pet
  • An opportunity to inspect your pet’s physical health
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Happiness & safety at home
  • Increase emotional relief
  • Increased savings

Benefits of Bathing Your Dog Yourself

You don’t need to be a pet psychic to know some basics of your dog’s behavior. First off, your pet adores you, and their favorite place is by your side. If they’re a bit apprehensive about going to the groomer, don’t force it and stick them in the bathtub at home instead. They’ll likely thank you for it, in their best doggie way possible. Here are some reasons why:

1. Increased bonding time

Nothing compares to the bond you share with your dog. Cherish your time together. Whether you’re going for walks or chilling on the sofa, recognizing the preciousness of moments with your dog will deepen your relationship and bond together.

Bathing your dog gives you more time together, and unlike passively watching TV with them, bathing offers a highly engaged shared activity. Your dog will notice your love and attention.

A shared activity with your dog

Dogs love to be petted and scratched. While water may not be their favorite thing, odds are they will enjoy the massage they’ll get from making sure the soap gets into their hair. Besides, have you ever seen a dog who’s unhappy after they have had a bath? Not usually — they run around like they feel amazing.

2. Opportunity to inspect your dog

Baths are the perfect time for a doggie check. Dogs occasionally develop skin disorders, cysts, infections or coat issues. When you’re bathing your pooch yourself, it’s easier to notice such developments. It’s always better to catch something earlier. If left unchecked, harmless disorders may develop into a significant issue. Here are some ailments you might encounter:

  • Mange. Nasty mites cause this canine skin condition. These minuscule parasites also assume the scientific moniker Sarcoptic mange. To the layman, mange is dog scabies. These mites jump from dog to dog, spreading infection. When washing your dog, look for skin sensitivity, itching, red infectious skin, sores or spots of hair loss. It’s easy to treat mange with medication, so keep an eye out.
  • Ringworm. This parasitic fungal infection causes an assortment of dermatological symptoms: redness, dandruff, itchy skin, patches of hair loss and the trademark rings. Ringworm often results in raised, circular lesions that appear on the skin. Ringworm can occasionally transfer to humans so be on the lookout for these signs during bathing sessions.
  • Seborrhea. This disorder manifests itself in dandruff and greasy hair and skin. Left unchecked, seborrhea may develop into an infection. This condition leads to an unmistakable smell, too, so it’s hard to miss the signs. Washing your dog regularly helps to prevent and detect seborrhea. If it does get past your watchful eye, treatment often involves special shampoos.
  • Cysts. When washing your dog, it’s wise to feel for lumps. If you discover a bump, it’s probably a Lipoma cyst. Occasionally, deposits of fat accumulate under the skin and lead to these cysts. These cysts usually go away on their own, and while they usually don’t require medical attention themselves, it’s smart to visit a vet to confirm they’re not cancerous.

Next time you bathe your dog, check for anything unusual. Baths offer an excuse to perform a minor health exam and catch potential medical issues in the early stages. With anything, early detection is key, so master your multi-tasking — wash and examine!

Do a health exam when you bathe your dog

3. Numerous Health Benefits of Bathing Pets at Home

Beyond the practical value of examining your dog, baths offer numerous health benefits. While you don’t want to bathe your dog too frequently, regular bathing can be healthy. You can get the same benefit of bathing by taking your dog to a groomer, but it might be just as beneficial if not more so, to do it at home. Here’s how:

  • Reduce the risk of your dog getting sick. If people don’t bathe, they get sick. It’s the same with dogs. Bathing helps remove grime, dirt and grease from your dog’s hair. If left unchecked, bacteria can grow in dirty hair and lead to infections. Washing removes all the gunk before it begins to torment your dog.
    By washing your dog’s skin and coat, you also reduce the risk of bacteria spreading further. Baths stabilize your dog’s health naturally by killing infection-causing bacteria. Hygiene is vital in combating the development of infections.
  • Alleviate allergy symptoms. Baths can also help ease the symptoms of dogs with allergies. You might notice that during certain seasons, your dog displays signs of allergic reactions. Allergies can manifest themselves in ways such as skin irritations, itching and respiratory problems. Give your dog’s allergies a break by breaking out the bath.
    You can also easier control which shampoos and topical treatments are used. This may also help to alleviate allergy symptoms if your dog has any particular sensitivities to any ingredients in those.
  • Soothe existing skin problems. If your dog has a skin problem, baths aid the recovery process. Keeping the skin clean of dirt and grease greatly improves the rate of improvement. Baths also lessen the chance of a condition developing into other problems as well.
  • Potential to reduce medication use. Regular bathing of your dog can also help to reduce the need for medications for various skin conditions. Leaving shampoo on for about 30 minutes is generally effective at killing a variety of parasites, bacteria and more. This means you may not need to use as many topical medications to treat a skin disorder.
  • Keeps your house cleaner. Since dogs can carry so much pollen, dust, dirt and other allergens in their hair, bathing your dog can keep your house cleaner and help to reduce your allergy symptoms as well.

Consider the importance of bathing your dog regardless of their health. It’s an all around winning strategy to ensuring their health and happiness.

5. Happiness & Safety At Home

You probably get a bit nervous leaving your dog with strangers. It’s only natural. What if something happened? Of course, especially if you know the groomer and they have the best reputation, you banish that apprehension, but deep down, that concern probably still exists.

It’s pretty common to leave your dog at the groomer. You probably run some errands and retrieve your dog when everything is done. It’s certainly convenient, but maybe not the best option. Whenever you leave your dog, you’re taking a risk. When you wash your dog at home, you ensure their complete safety — and it’s not too hard to bathe your dog yourself. Turn on the tap and start up the B-Air Fido dog dryer to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Ensure your dogs safety and groom at home

6. Increased Emotional Relief

Even if everything seemed fine at the groomer’s, you’re missing part of the picture. Sure, your dog’s happy to see you after you come, but what about while you were gone? It’s easy to attribute their happiness to their experience. More often, they’re just relieved to see you and know they’re going home.

An unfamiliar environment may cause your dog stress

Dogs may experience an undue amount of stress from being left in an unfamiliar environment, no matter how kind and capable the groomer is. Most commonly, the second you left, your dog experienced a sense of abandonment and dread. It’s unavoidable with most dogs – especially those with severe separation anxiety. They become fearful when you leave and remain anxious until you return. Why subject your dog to any unnecessary stress?

Maybe your dog doesn’t mind strangers so much. After all, some dogs adjust to their owner’s departure better than others and even enjoy meeting new people. Even in this scenario, however, there are other factors to consider that may still cause your dog stress – such as other dogs barking or misbehaving or other loud, unfamiliar noises. Additionally, what if your dog doesn’t like the water or being wet? You are the best person to convince your dog that grooming doesn’t have to be a negative experience and help them to relax during the grooming process.

7. Save Money

Visits to the groomer can be expensive. When it comes down to cost, home bathing presents a more frugal option. After all, you can’t get cheaper than free — aside from the cost of shampoo and water. A typical trip to the groomers can range anywhere from $30 to $90. If you factor in gas, travel time and your personal inconvenience, you’re saving even more.

Cost of a trip to the groomer

Drying Your Dog

Now, if you do opt to go the home washing route for your dog, you have one more task to tackle after the washing: the drying. You also probably want to try and get your dog as dry as possible before they unleash the supersonic shake that sends water everywhere. To do this effectively, we recommend our B-Air Fido dog dryer. Before we sing the praises of these dryers, though, let’s talk about towels — which you can certainly use. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind when drying your dog with a towel:

  • It’s a hefty job. A dog’s hair soaks up a lot of water, and unless you get all the moisture out, you have a wet dog running around your home. No thank you.
  • Drying a dog with a towel takes a lot of work. It requires a lot of energy and time, not to mention multiple towels, to do it right. Who wants more laundry anyway? Towels simply don’t achieve the same result as our Fido dog dryers – they just make a wet dog damp.

Other methods such as air drying and hair dryers also have drawbacks. Air drying your dog means one of two things: They shake it off indoors getting everything wet, or you leave them outside where they can immediately get dirty again — then, they’ll run back in, and now you have a wet and dirty dog in need of another bath. Human hair dryers present a host of risks. They get pretty hot, which means it’s easier to burn your dog. The air they put out is also concentrated, so you constantly need to move them around to avoid burning your dog’s skin. Overall, it’s a method that should be avoided if at all possible.

The Best Dog Dryer for Home Use: B-Air® Pet Dryers

The best and most effective pet dryer you’ll find is the B-Air® Fido dog dryer. This all purpose pet dryer is the safest dryer on the market.

Fido dog dryer the most effective dryer on the market

It’s safe for use on any furry pet because this dryer doesn’t pump out potentially dangerous hot air. Instead, it rapidly dries your pet using safer, natural air temperature. Dogs have a much higher internal body temperature than people, so they can’t handle hot air dryers. Moreover, hot air dryers dehydrate a dog’s skin and often cause irritations, dryness and rashes.

Our modern dryers utilize state-of-the-art California design and engineering to make short work of drying a soaking dog. Simply choose the nozzle and setting you require and start drying. The variety of nozzles lets you tackle each task perfectly. There are nozzles for drying a pet’s coat, nozzles for sensitive areas like eyes and ears, as well as for other tasks. These B-Air® Fido pet dryers put pet safety on a pedestal. This only makes sense, no pet owner would settle for anything less for their four-legged best friend.

Our dryers come with a lot of credentials. For starters, they boast the highest ETL certification available for a pet dryer. This might explain why they’re the #1 most popular type of dryers on Amazon. They’ve also received a glowing endorsement from the well-respected and world-famous dog expert Cesar Millan and — as if all this weren’t enough — our B-Air Fido Dryer is one of the most affordable ETL certified pet dryer available.

In case you were wondering, the ETL refers to the oversight committee responsible for ensuring a product’s safety. They award products with their gold standard certification only if rigorous criteria are met. Our pet dryers boast the achievement of this certification.

Groomers Trust Us, Too

Sometimes, you really just can’t beat the convenience of a groomer. If that’s the case, look for one that uses our pet dryers. It shows they know they know their stuff about how to best treat a dog in their care. Your pet will probably be more likely to be more comfortable, too, especially if you use one of our dryers in your regular pet care regime.

Look for a groomer that uses our pet dryers

The reputation of our products is nothing new, either. For over 15 years, we’ve supplied professional groomers with our B-Air® dog dryers. We proudly stand by these products and the philosophy of safety and care they represent. We believe in promoting the well being and safety of your pet, first and foremost — whether they’re at home with you, or they’re receiving care somewhere else.

Wash Your Dog With Pride

The bottom line is baths are good for dogs, whether they’re at home or at a groomer. However, there are many perks to washing your dog at home, and when you use one of our B-Air® Fido Dryers, you can also dry your dog more efficiently — eliminating the potentially daunting task of drying your dog with towels. So, embrace it. Shout “I wash my dog!” from the mountaintops — or better yet, post it on your social media page. It’s easier on the lungs. Your friends will probably enjoy seeing your dog all sudsy, too.

No matter what, you’ll save money, build a bond with your pet and ensure their safety at home.

Save money and build a bond with your dog

If we’ve piqued your interest about the best way to dry your dog after a bath at home, why not check out our dryers right now? We’re sure you’ll find the perfect dryer for your needs, and the needs of your four-legged friend.

Ready? Wash away! Your dog will thank you — even if it’s not until after the bath is over.