The Best Way To Dry Your Dog At Home [Micrographic]

Drying Dog Best Way

B-Air Pet Dryers

When you own a pet, bath time is an unwelcome reality. Either you do it yourself and struggle to get your dog dry at the end of the endeavor, or you take your dog to a professional groomer and incur the time and money expenses that come with it. Surely, there’s a better way.

At B-Air, we offer high-velocity dog blasters that are safe and effective when used after bath time. Experts say that your dog should get a bath once a month, and our home pet dryers will make the monthly rite of passage as smooth and easy as possible. Plus, you’ll save money if you aren’t taking your dog to the groomer each month. When you want to make life easier and better enjoy your pet, choose B-Air for the best dog dryers for home grooming.

Proper Dog Drying Techniques

The Safest Pet Dryers

It’s tempting to let your dog drip dry, but air drying isn’t always safe for your pet. Being wet is uncomfortable for your dog, so he or she will most likely try to roll around and dry themselves. This leads to your dog getting dirty, which defeats the purpose of a bath. Long-haired dogs are at risk of matted fur and accompanying skin irritations. Letting your dog air dry can also cause fungus to grow under armpits and on paw pads. When you choose B-Air for a high-velocity dog blaster, you can avoid each of these undesirable scenarios.

Superior to Towels

Do you currently use towels to dry your dog after bath time? Using towels can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet because of the way you must rub vigorously to get him or her dry. When you think about how towel drying makes dogs feel, it’s no wonder they don’t enjoy bath time.

Like air drying, towel drying comes with the risk of matted fur and tangles. There’s also the convenience factor: Towel drying your dog means you need to keep special dog towels handy. Not many people have extra space to dedicate to dog towels. When you choose a pet hair dryer for home grooming from B-Air, you can say goodbye to all of these towel-drying issues.

Specially Designed for Your Pet

A traditional hairdryer is another tool many dog owners use after bath time. The B-Air Fido Max 1 dog dryer is the best dog dryer for home grooming because it’s superior to traditional hair dryers. Traditional hair dryers are loud and may scare your pet, while quiet dog hair dryers get the job done without frightening your animal. Traditional hair dryers blow hot air and may cause burns, while our safe dog hair dryer products offer just enough heat to get the job done without putting your pet in danger. They also struggle to remove loose fur and get your pet completely dry, while our high-velocity dryers for dog grooming remove all loose fur and achieve complete dryness.

Discover the Benefits of Dog Grooming Dryers

The B-Air Fido Max 1 is the best dog dryer for home use because of the many benefits it offers. Our dog blaster for home use makes the bath time fun, which means bonding with your pet. Our home pet dryer helps reduce your stress and your dog’s stress related to bath time. And our high-velocity dog dryer is also efficient, meaning you get the job done while saving on time and hassle. You also save money by using a high-velocity dog grooming dryer if you’re currently paying a professional groomer each month.

Pet Dryers Backed by Cesar Millan

At B-Air, we offer the product that Cesar Millan has called the best pet hair dryer for home use. When you’re on the search for dog grooming dryers for sale, look no further than the quality products you’ll find at B-Air.
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