Floor and Carpet Drying Solutions for Janitorial Use

Wet floor warning sign

When you work in janitorial services, floor drying fans and carpet dryers are essential tools to have in your arsenal. Wet floors are a fact of life, but the sooner you can dry those wet floors the sooner you can create the safe and secure environment that’s expected. A dry floor allows employees to work more effectively, and it also allows customers and visitors to enjoy their experience in your facility.

What’s more, a dry floor can help reduce liability for business owners — especially in highly trafficked areas. When floors are wet, you need a fast and reliable solution. Air drying and box fans can be time consuming and distracting. Make sure you have the janitorial floor fans you need to create the ideal environment for doing business.


How to Dry Floors More Quickly

How do you go about creating the dry floors your facility demands? It starts with having the right strategy and the right tools.

Commercial floor drying fans are a must for any janitorial operation. They deliver powerfully concentrated airflow while operating quietly — which minimizes the disruption to daily business.

They are worth the small investment because of the welcoming environment they help create, as well as the liabilities they help you avoid. Janitorial floor fans can help you to dry any type of flooring – from linoleum to carpet to tile.

Investing in commercial floor drying fans can help your facility operate smoothly and effectively and create the ideal space for doing business.

What to Look for In a Floor/Carpet Drying Air Mover

You will enjoy no shortage of options when searching for janitorial floor fans. How do you choose the best option for your facility?

Start with drying capabilities. When looking at floor drying options, look for variable speeds, power draw, and air moving capabilities based on pressure and air volume. You don’t want to lose out on valuable power just to save a few dollars.

Here are some specifications you should be looking at when reviewing air movers:

  • Motor power: Horsepower (HP)
  • Power draw: Amperage (A)
  • Air volume: Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

You’ll also want to consider a fan’s portability and how easily it can be stored. And, as with any purchase, always consider the manufacturer.

Do they have a reputation for quality and durability? Can they assure the product will operate safely? Investing in quality equipment will save you money in the long run.

B-Air® Janitorial Floor Drying Solutions

When you need a floor drying fan, look no further than B-Air® and our quality products like the VP-25. The VP-25 is lightweight and compact, and it delivers the powerful, concentrated airflow you need out of a floor drying fan and carpet blower.

It’s incredibly efficient, running on just 1.2 amps. It is also quiet, and it stores easily when not in use. When you need the best in janitorial floor fans, get the best with the B-Air® VP-25.

Looking to buy in large quantities? Call us for more information on how you can save with bulk buying options!