Restaurant Floor-Drying Solutions

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A restaurant is a place of a hospitality — a venue where you want visitors and customers to feel comfortable and safe. A wet floor is an inevitable part of running a restaurant; spills happen easily and often, and it takes time for floors to dry after a thorough mopping.

Wet floors can expose you to safety concerns and liability issues. A wet floor can also prohibit your guests from enjoying a warm and welcoming environment. Wet floors can be an inconvenience for customers and give your establishment a poor reputation.

Drying the Floors in Your Restaurant’s Dining Area

A dry floor is essential to the safe and successful operation of a restaurant. With wet floors, you risk your reputation, customer satisfaction, and safety, and you open yourself up to liabilities. However, so much of what goes on in a restaurant creates a wet floor, what can you do to fix the problem?

The first option is to rely on air drying. You can put out a caution sign and let floors dry themselves. This takes the least amount of manual effort, but it also takes the most amount of time.

Are you willing to wait an hour or more for floors to dry while patrons are walking across the surface?

And what about your workers and wait staff?

Most areas in a restaurant are unavoidable during business hours, which means you like won’t have time to wait for air drying.

You can also invest in a box fan. These fans require a small investment, but they are quicker than waiting for a floor to air dry. One of the major problems with these types of fans, however, is the noise and air volume that they create.

A box fan or axial fan working at high speeds is loud enough to drown out conversations and serve as a major distraction to your customers, and the high volume of air may blow napkins, menus, and even your customers’ personal items around the dining area.

An alternative to the box fan is a centrifugal air mover like the B-Air® VP-25. When you choose a restaurant floor dryer like the B-Air® VP-25, you are choosing a solution that is designed to meet your unique needs.

It directs concentrated airflow on the wet floor’s surface, which means fast drying. It also operates quietly, which means it won’t drown out conversations or distract from the experience of dining at your establishment.

You’ll need storage space for your B-Air® VP-25, but this model is light and compact — and it stacks easily for simple storage.

Drying the Floors in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Dry floors are essential to keep your employees safe, minimize slips, falls and accidents, and prevent mold and other health code violations.

The specific challenge in kitchens is the number of water sources. There are sinks, dishwashers, drying racks, prep stations and more, and each can help create a wet floor during the course of doing business.

You don’t have time to wait for air drying and box fans or other large axial fans, don’t deliver the concentrated air flow that your situation demands — not to mention they create noise, which can interfere with essential kitchen personnel communication.

You could try towel drying, but towels can only hold so much water and by simply moving the dirty water around, you risk health code violations. Not to mention this route means you’ll have to pull someone away from their regular work to do the towel drying whenever the floor becomes wet.

For these reasons and more, a centrifugal air dryer is your best option. The B-Air® VP-25 is a floor drying fan for kitchens that delivers high pressure and concentrated airflow on the wet floor’s surface. Let the VP-25 keep your kitchen dry so that you can focus on providing your diners quality food and excellent service.

The Best Restaurant Floor Drying Solution

The B-Air® VP-25 is compact and lightweight, and it can easily fit into tight spots while still delivering powerful air moving performance. It runs on just 2.1 amps, making it incredibly efficient and it stacks nicely for easy storage.

At B-Air®, we offer floor drying fans and similar equipment that meet the highest standards of quality and durability, and the VP-25 is no different. Get the B-Air® VP-25, and secure the best restaurant floor dryer available.

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