8 Ways to Deal with Spring Shedding

Long-haired white dog, Reduce Your Dog's Shedding

We want our dogs healthy looking and that means we want them with beautiful and lustrous coats. However, when shedding season arrives, they may shed a lot of their hair. The amount of shedding depends on the breed of dog you have. Some dogs have thick coats on the winter which they shed by spring. A German shepherd shedding is likely to occur after winter or cold seasons. You’ll know the sign of dog shedding because you’ll see it all over your sofa, carpets, and clothing. Shedding dog can be avoided and there are ways to stop dog shedding.

Reasons for excessive shedding in dogs

Are you one of those bewildered owners who say my dog sheds like crazy? Shedding is normal for dogs especially during certain seasons and changes in weather, but sometimes there are underlying reasons why dogs shed. Shed control for dogs is possible and one thing you can do as an owner on how to stop a dog from shedding is to brush your dog’s coat regularly.

A visit to a veterinarian will let you know how to help dog shedding. They will examine your pet and answer questions like why does my dog shed so much and why is my dog shedding.  There are many reasons why dogs shed and a vet can solve this mystery for you if you think the shedding is abnormal prompting you to say to yourself– my dog is shedding a lot.

For one thing, dogs can get stressed and that leads to hair falling off and landing on surfaces around your house. Dogs are like people too if they don’t get enough stimulation or are left alone for long periods of time, they can get stressed. Another result why you are getting wayward hair from your dog is poor nutrition. A balanced diet can give your dog a healthy coat.

Examine the nutrients on your current dog food and consult with your vet if you need to make some changes. Sometimes alternating food with natural raw food can help supplement your dog with a higher quality diet that can give them better nutrition. Another common cause is parasites such as fleas, lice or mites. Examine your dog’s coat thoroughly if you suspect parasites to be a problem.

A problem that is harder to fix that may be an underlying cause of dog shedding is a medical problem. In this case, your dog may need serious treatment. Diseases like kidney, liver, thyroid or adrenal disease can seriously affect your dog’s shedding. See your vet when you are beginning to see open sores and bald spots on your dog.

Benefits of preventing excessive shedding

You may have chosen a breed with a crazy hair dog and now you don’t know what to do about dog shedding. Whatever your reason for getting a dog of any type they are bound to shed hair at a certain point. Even short-haired breeds do some short hair dog shedding.

Longer hair types will be a dog shedding a lot. What helps with dog shedding is brushing your dog regularly. It is a proven way on how to reduce dog shedding and eventually on how to stop dog shedding. Other dog shedding solutions are using a dog shedding shampoo and bathing your dog frequently.

When you decided to have a dog, you know that your home will never be spic and span anymore. Dogs do make a bit of a mess but they are such loving companions we put up with it. Don’t think of taking care of your dog as a chore. Brushing their coat on a regular basis to prevent shedding can be a relaxing experience as you bond with your dog.

You are guaranteed to become closer with your dog if you spend time doing activities with them, one of which is grooming them. If you have kids teaching them to take care of a dog can help them learn values such as responsibility.

A dog is a huge responsibility which is worth it in the end if you want a loving companion that gives you unconditional love and attention. The time you spend with your dog can help you form an intimate bond with them so don’t think that grooming your dog is a chore. Choose the best dog breed which you can maintain capably and which fits your personality.  

You likely look forward to the warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers of spring, but you probably don’t look forward to your dog’s shedding. Are you searching for ways to stop dog shedding this spring?

How to Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding This Spring

There is no shortage of things you can try when you want to stop a dog from shedding, but here’s a look at eight tricks that will be among your best options:

1. Plenty of Brushing:

Brush, brush and then brush some more. This is your first line of defense as you try to cut down on shedding. Find a way to get into a routine. Maybe you brush your dog each morning just after breakfast or right after getting up. No matter what time of day you decide to do it, if you want to reduce your dog’s shedding, you’re going to have to do some brushing.

2. Plenty of Bathing:

The more baths you give your dog, the less they will shed. Again, getting into a routine might help both you and your pet. Maybe start bathing your dog every Sunday night. You’ll find that a regular bath is among the most effective dog de-shedding tools you have.

3. Brush After Bathing:

Don’t forget to brush after bath time. In fact, this may be the most important time for you to give your dog a good brushing. During a bath, you’ve loosened up a lot of hair that may be on the cusp of coming off. After your dog is dry, a good brushing is a great way to clear that loose hair and to ensure it doesn’t end up all over your house.

4. Don’t Forget to Dry:

Bath time is ideal for good drying. Using a designated pet dryer with the right attachments can help remove excess fur and hair, and it ensures that hair won’t find its way onto your furniture, clothing or floor. You do not want to use just a normal household hair dryer. You can find products that are specially designed to be effective on pets while also keeping them comfortable — products like the B-Air® Fido Max-1 pet dryer. You just need to use them correctly. When you use the proper tools for drying your pet, everything will go much faster, and the results will be far better.

5. Supplements:

Even supplements can be used as dog de-shedding tools. Look for supplements at the pet store that include Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help stop a dog from shedding, or at least reduce the rate of shedding. It’s always a good idea to ask your vet for recommendations before giving your pet any new supplements. Your vet can let you know what type of success to expect from a supplement, as well as specific supplements that might be right for your dog based on breed, age or any health conditions.

6. Get Quality Food:

Quality food with plenty of nutrients can help stop dog shedding, too. The best dog foods use quality ingredients that keep your dog’s coat healthy.

7. Choose Clipping:

Don’t be afraid to take your dog to the groomer for a good clipping. This is an especially attractive idea if you live in a warm-weather climate. In fact, your dog might even thank you for it if it helps them feel more comfortable as the weather heats up.

8. Get a Vet’s Advice:

In cases where everything mentioned above fails to stop dog shedding, you may want to get a vet’s advice. A veterinarian can make recommendations, and they can also examine your dog to ensure your pet isn’t experiencing any sort of health issue that may be contributing to the issue. If your pet is losing big patches of hair or otherwise shedding in what seems like excess, see your vet as soon as possible.