Spring Pet Safety Tips

Spring Pet Safety Tips

We love our pets, and springtime is one of the best times of the year to get them out of the house to enjoy the nicer weather and longer days. Spring does have its downsides, though, such as allergies and more bugs. It’s important to keep these potential problems in mind, especially when it comes to spring pet safety ideas.

8 Spring Pet Safety Tips

What can you do to keep your pets safe during this time of year? Here is a look at eight ways:

1. Watch out for Allergies:

Humans hate spring allergies, and so do pets. Animals can be allergic to many things, including dust, pollen, plants and certain kinds of food. Watch for any unusual reactions in your pets and visit your vet as soon as possible if you see anything concerning.

2. Keep up With Medication:

Make sure your pet is fully up to date on any medication related to heartworms, fleas and ticks. These tiny critters can quickly infest your pet and your home if you’re not careful.

3. Be Mindful at Easter:

Easter is filled with treats — especially chocolate. As you probably already know, chocolate can pose a grave threat to pets. Be sure to keep Easter treats out of the reach of your pets, and ensure any children in the home know that Easter treats aren’t for sharing with animals.

4. Steer Clear of Chemicals:

You may dig out all sorts of different cleaning solutions as you get your home ready for a thorough scrubbing. Just make sure you keep your pets out of those cleaners. Pets are often curious, and they might want to take a look at what you’re doing and a lick of what you’re using. That lick could be harmful to their health, so do your best to keep them away.

5. Use Pesticides with Caution:

You may find that you’re working in your yard quite a bit this spring, laying fertilizer and using other pesticides to help your lawn look its best. Just make sure you fully read the labels on the products you’re using and keep your pets away from any potentially harmful pesticides.

6. Stabilize Screens:

Spring is a great time to open windows and doors that have screens. Just make sure those screens are stable. You wouldn’t want your pet to go tumbling through a screen that’s just barely hanging on and get loose.

7. Drive with Care:

Given that the weather is turning nice, it might be tempting to let your dog ride in the bed of a pickup truck or to let them ride with head hanging out of a window. Your pet may enjoy these things, but it could pose a hazard to their safety. The road is full of flying debris and similar threats, so do your best to keep your pets completely inside the vehicle.

8. Stay Cool:

In summer, it’s pretty obvious when it’s too hot for your pets to be outside, but it’s not quite as black-and-white in springtime. Be extra careful about pushing your pets to go on long walks or to otherwise spend lengthy periods of time outdoors as the weather grows warmer. Also, make sure your pet’s tags or microchip are up to date — just in case they get lost while spending more time outside.

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