Wildfire Cleanup Jobs in California

Under construction hard hat

Now that the fires have been extinguished, there is a wealth of wildfire cleanup jobs in California. While some of these jobs require specialized experience and certifications, others are available to anyone who needs work and who wants to help in a large-scale recovery.

No matter your reason for looking for a job and no matter your interests, there are tons of California fire cleanup jobs to choose from.

Here are nine of the most common fire cleanup jobs you will find in California:

1. Wildlife Habitat Restoration

If you are looking for entry-level work, this might be the perfect fit for you. To help restore wildlife habitat, you do not need experience — often only a high school diploma. Also, you often can find full-time work that is outdoors and some jobs that even provide housing.

This type of work could be ideal for someone who is just beginning to acquire work experience as well as anyone who is looking for an adventure.

2. Forest Restoration

Similar to wildlife habitat restoration, forest restoration puts you outdoors for long periods of time and requires little experience. It is best if applicants are in good physical condition and have some experience with or knowledge of backpacking, camping and how to use GPS devices. Also, this type of work requires applicants to be able to carry heavy loads.

3. Estimator

Estimating damage and the cost of recovery is essential during fire recovery. This type of work does require experience — typically five years — and it demands that applicants be familiar with damage estimation technologies like BELFOR and Xactimate.

4. Project Management

Given the scale of fire damage restoration taking place in California, there is a huge need for project managers to keep the work on schedule and on budget.

This type of work generally requires a few years of construction project management experience. It also demands that applicants be able to coordinate people and manage a variety of different projects at any given time.

5. Assistant and Support Work

Many executives and others who are at high levels coordinating and responding to fire damage restoration needs also require assistants and support workers. Jobs like this will need applicants to respond to emails and answer phones.

In some cases, speaking Spanish is helpful, as is the ability to work weekends when the workload demands it.

6. Technicians

Restoration companies throughout California are searching for technicians who can help them respond to overwhelming demand in the aftermath of the 2017 wildfires. This type of work does require IICRC Certification.

The hours might vary and even demand some weekend work. You’ll also need to be physically fit and able to carry heavy loads to do the work effectively.

7. Mitigation

This is among the most specialized work available in recovery situations. Mitigation does require significant experience and IICRC Certification, so it is work that can be more difficult to secure. You will be on-call at times, and you will often be working independently at homes and businesses.

8. Clerical Work and Coordination

Many restoration companies are also searching for those who can do clerical work. In the aftermath of a wildfire, there is a significant amount of paperwork to be done. That paperwork needs dedicated professionals who can help organize it, distribute it and ensure it gets where it needs to go.

9. Response and Supervising

Supervisors often work in the layer between technicians and project managers. Supervisors are responsible for daily field operations and taking a more detailed look at project budgets and timelines. While the project manager is handling the big picture in these areas, it is the supervisor who is into the minutiae.

You can usually find supervisory work with just a little bit of experience in fire damage restoration, so this makes for a good opportunity to eventually rise to project manager.

Many More Job Options Exist

This is just a small sample of what is available when you begin to search for California fire cleanup jobs. There is something for almost every experience level, and there are also different types of jobs for different interests — including jobs outdoors and jobs in more traditional office settings. Whether you are a California resident looking for work or an out-of-stater searching for opportunity, you can find something that fits what you are looking for in the fire cleanup industry.

Are you wondering where to find California fire cleanup jobs? Try your favorite job board or career search engine like Indeed.com, PeopleReady.com, Lensa.com and many others. Given the scope of wildfire damage and the demand for professionals to help with cleanup and restoration, you can find new jobs added to these board and search engines daily.