How To Make a Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Some people think moisture in crawl space under house should not be a concern since they don’t actually stay on that floor. However, excessive moisture in crawl space, as well as poor air quality can be dangerous to one’s health. It can also damage your property particularly your wood framing due to mold growth. This is why you should fix this problem and maintain the area before it causes more damages to your home.

If you know how to get rid of moisture in crawl space, you should know the acceptable moisture levels in crawl space. You can also make a crawl space moisture barrier to control the moisture in this area and achieve the acceptable crawl space moisture levels.

Moisture Damage

Crawl space moisture is one of the biggest enemies of homeowners. They don’t only cause damages to your property’s structure but can also have a negative impact on your health. An increased crawl space moisture level can be alarming as it attracts mold and pests which thrive in damp and dark areas. If you don’t find immediate crawl space moisture solutions and get rid of moisture under house, more crawl space moisture problems may occur in the future.


Different types of mold are one of the most problems caused by excessive moisture, especially in your crawl space. People who get exposed to mold experience various health problems such as throat irritation, coughing, nasal stuffiness, skin irritation, and eye irritation. If a person is allergic to mold, it can cause more serious problems such as lung infections and respiratory diseases.

Getting rid of mold in your house can be challenging and if you want full remediation, it can be really expensive. Nonetheless, there are inexpensive remediation methods that you can apply to save some money. You can make your own crawl space moisture barrier and get rid of excessive moisture completely.

Rodents and Other Vermin

Different types of animals can enter your home and cause serious damages to your property. Some of these are rodents and other vermin which are also drawn to moisture like molds. These destructive pests include rats, termites, carpenter ants, and snakes.


Most of the structural elements used to build a house are made of wood such as beams, joists, posts, sills and beams. Apparently, wood is an organic material and it will gradually rot if it gets exposed with moisture for a long period of time.

How Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Works

Fixing crawl space moisture problems is easy if you know effective crawl space moisture control methods. One of these is installing a crawl space moisture barrier. It is very simple and cheap so you can do it on your own without spending too much. Basically, a crawl space moisture barrier prevents the moisture in the ground from evaporating into the crawl space.  It can also help get rid of and prevent mold, rust, rot, odors, pests and other problems related to moisture.

By resisting the passage of air, a moisture barrier can also stop the movement of air from the ground, making your crawl space semi-conditioned and free of moisture. Apart from keeping you warm in the winter, it can also help you save on energy bills.

If you want to know how to get rid of moisture under house, you should also know how to do crawl space reading. A crawl space moisture detector can help locate where the moisture is. In short, crawl space moisture removal methods work if you know how to detect and control moisture in your crawl space. An easy moisture crawl space fix is in your hands so make good use of your crawl space moisture repair tools and start making your own moisture barrier. Follow this moisture in crawl space how to fix guide and learn how to install a crawl space moisture barrier.

Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Installation

Removing moisture from crawl space can be simple and inexpensive but it also requires time and hard work as this project needs a lot of crawling which may hurt your hands and knees. While you can do this project on your own, it will be easier if you have someone to help you such as passing a crawl space moisture barrier material through the door. If you want an effective moisture proofing crawl space project, you will need a good work light and a reliable helper.

Locate your Crawl Space Entrance

Before you start working, you need to first locate the entrance in your crawl space. Sometimes, it can be found outdoors or other times, in a pantry, closet or utility area. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it will be easier to locate; you just need to find a square seam, indicating a hatch door.

Dry Out the Crawl Space

One of the best ways on how to reduce moisture in crawlspace is to start drying out the area. You can use an air mover to dry out your crawl space completely. This step may take some days but once it is completely dried, you can continue working on your “how to get the moisture out of crawl space” project.

Attach Sheeting to Walls and Piers

Now that you know how to remove moisture from crawl space, you can start attaching the plastic sheets to the walls and piers of your crawl space. Cut the plastic sheets, making sure they fit the inner supports and use double-sided tape to seal the sheeting against the supports.

Improve Ventilation

Making and installing your own crawl space moisture barrier can be of great help in getting rid of moisture in your crawl space. Nonetheless, it is still best to maintain your house properly and prevent your crawl space from having excessive moisture. To do this, improve the ventilation not only in your crawl space but in your entire house. Use a crawl space moisture meter to detect moisture so you can get rid of it as early as possible.


Installing a moisture barrier is easy and effective. Also, the crawl space moisture barrier cost is very low which helps you save a lot of money. Moisture in crawl space can cause serious problems but by following this crawl space moisture barrier do it yourself guide, your house will be free of any damage caused by moisture.