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Bond with Your Pet Through Grooming

There is nothing quite like quality time spent with your beloved dog. A trusted canine companion can bring perspective to life and comfort during times of difficulty, or even just a long day at the office. One benefit of grooming at home is the bonding time it creates for dog owners and their pets.

Most dog owners view grooming as something to be outsourced, typically at somewhere between $40 and $100 a visit. But taking care of this task at home can be quality bonding time, especially when you have the best dog dryer for home grooming — the Fido Max 1 dog dryer by B-Air®.

Get the Quality Time You Need

Most dogs see their owners as their best friends, and they relish time spent together. But grooming isn’t traditionally quality time for dog owners, because many lack the proper tools to do a quality job. Bathing takes place in the bath, and then the dog fights against the use of a common hair dryer.

B-Air® pet dryers change all of that. The Fido Max 1 dog dryer is a quiet dog dryer that gets the job done without riling up your pet. You get to enjoy quality bonding time while also getting the benefit of grooming at home — which is money saved on pet care.

Build Trust, Too

The relationship between dog owner and the dog is so important, and it is one that requires a great deal of trust. Quality grooming time spent together can go a long way toward building that trust. Make sure you have the right tools by getting the best dog dryer for home grooming — the Fido Max 1 dog dryer.

These pet dryers are endorsed by Cesar Millan, a world-renowned dog trainer. Make sure you get trust-building as a benefit of grooming at home when you choose the Fido Max 1 dog dryer, a quiet dog dryer from B-Air®.

Reduce the Feeling of Abandonment

At one point or another, you are forced to leave your dog by him or herself. Whether it is to go on business trip, visit family, or simply going to work each day. Some dogs may develop a sense of abandonment from these routine goodbyes. One easy way to overcome these feelings is bonding time through home grooming.

B-Air® pet dryers turn grooming time into bonding time by serving as the quiet dog dryer that streamlines the experience and makes the entire process more enjoyable for both owners and their pets.

Other Ways to Strengthen Your Bond

There are many ways to strengthen your bond with your dog beyond the benefit of grooming at home. Make sure you are always communicating with your dog, and know that your actions speak louder than your words. No matter how busy life becomes, make sure to carve out quality one-on-one time with your four-legged friend. And know that your dog loves to play.

Find a dog park close to you. Take your dog to the backyard and throw a ball for him or her. Or, simply take regular walks where you can dedicate a small portion of your day to your pet. The Fido Max 1 dog dryer is the best dog dryer for home grooming, and one that opens up new possibilities to bond. But choose to do other things to enhance bonding time as well.

A Quiet Dog Dryer Endorsed by the Best

The B-Air® Fido Max-1 dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan carries the seal of approval from one of the best in the business. Choose the Fido Max 1 dog dryer and discover the many ways in which home grooming time can also be the bonding time that you and your dog so desperately need.