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Different Types Of Mold Found In Homes And Buildings

Types of mold

Mold is a toxic substance that should never be present in your home or building. Not only is mold unsightly it is dangerous for humans. Don’t be in the same room with household mold because it has real potential hazards for your health. There are different types of mold and their effects on human health…

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What Are The Consequences Of Flooding?

Consequences Of Flooding

Floods may really seem like the end of times. A great flood can take away lives and properties in an instant. This century has undergone severe global warming which has increased the occurrence of weather-related disasters. The past decade has witnessed the Indian tsunami which sunk parts of Asia and took lives in a matter…

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Growing Plants Indoors: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Growing Plants Indoors

Growing plants inside your house is a great option if you don’t have enough space outside or if you want to prevent your plants from getting damaged. Indoor gardening also requires less work and there are no weeds to deal with unlike in outdoor gardening. What’s more, having an indoor garden is good for your…

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Flood Damage Restoration Tips

Flood damage restoration tips

Flooding is not only the most common but also the most costly type of natural disaster in the U.S.  No other kind of natural disaster has cost more lives and property damage in the country than flooding. According to HomeAdvisor, the average homeowner spends anywhere from $1,046 to $4,059 to restore flood damage in their…

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How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell In The House

How to get rid of musty smell

You just got home from work. You’re super tired and all you ever want is some time to relax, have some delicious dinner and watch TV. But as soon as you open the door, all that welcomed you is that stale, damp, stuffy, musty odor! It’s been lingering for some time now and no matter…

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Pet Emergency Preparedness And Kit Tips

Pet emergency

Disasters and accidents can take place at the least expected moment. The best way to protect your household in times like these is to have an emergency preparedness plan. And if you have furry babies, your plan should include them too. Below are some important pet emergency preparedness tips that should help keep your pets…

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5 Tips For Increasing Your Dehumidifier Efficiency

Dehumidifier Efficiency

Moisture and mold in the environment can be harmful to the family. What’s worse is that they cannot be easily seen and readily identified. Since the home is where the family rests, it is important to keep it clean all the time and to keep the temperature low in times of humid weather. The best way is…

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5 Things To Consider Before Buying an Air Mover

5 Things To Consider Before Buying an Air Mover

Air movers are known to be excellent tools for cleaning, drying and ventilating. Some of us have probably seen air movers in construction sites, in some houses and newly-built buildings. This tool is not limited for use by professionals alone, but homeowners can also use this for immediately drying newly-painted rooms, cleaning hard to reach…

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5 Steps To Care And Maintain Your Home’s Crawl Space

Crawl Space Care

Crawl spaces are built in houses as a more affordable alternative to basements. They do their job of lifting the house off the ground, which could be termite-prone or damp. However, crawl spaces are often neglected, causing them to collect mildew, moist, and heat, which lead to several problems with your home, including the presence…

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