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The Economic Effects of Hurricanes

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License Hurricane season starts in late summer and drifts into fall in the United States. Sometimes hurricane season comes and goes with potentially devastating storms weakening somewhere in the Atlantic or Caribbean and making landfall as tropical storms or even less powerful weather…

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How to Clean Soot After a Fire

how to clean soot after a fire

                                Fire is a particularly destructive force that destroys property and burns many materials beyond repair. Whether the fire damage was caused by a wildfire, an electrical fire or a backyard barbecue that got out of control, the results can…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Commercial Floors

How to Clean Commercial Floors

                  Aside from the obvious appearance issue, there are real reasons to keep floors clean and dry in a business. Did you know that nearly 20 percent of all job-related injuries are slips, trips and falls? Keeping a dry and clean business floor protects companies from potential…

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Floor Drying & Garage Ventilation Solutions

Garage floor drying solutions title

                    A garage can be an extremely versatile space. For DIY and professional mechanics, garages are where they roll up their sleeves and get to work. For those who enjoy carpentry, portions of the garage may serve as a workshop. Others opt to use their garage…

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What to Do After a Natural Disaster

What to Do After a Natural Disaster

Fire. Flood. Storm Damage. Natural disasters like these can cause incredible amounts of damage and many homeowners want to restore the damage as quickly as possible following a natural disaster. Unfortunately, in an effort to repair damage, many well-meaning homeowners often do more harm than good. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs…

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Bathroom Floor Drying Solutions

VP25 air mover drying bathroom floor

It’s easy for bathroom floors to become slick. There’s always the chance of spilled water. Plumbing issues can lead to slow leaks that soon become large puddles. And regular cleaning and mopping can leave floors damp. This is a reality for home and business owners alike, and everyone who owns or operates a bathroom has…

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Restoration Equipment Placement

B-Air Best Placement for Equipment

                      Most Effective Placement of Water Damage Restoration Equipment There are a lot of factors that can affect the success and efficiency of a water damage restoration project; including severity of the damage and the size of the project, the types of materials damages, and…

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Pool Deck Drying Solutions

Pool deck and sunglasses

Pools are an iconic source of fun during the summertime and year round, but they can also pose a real danger due to the slick surfaces surrounding them. We all remember hearing a lifeguard yell “Walk!” at one point or another, and for good reason — pool decks are incredibly slippery and can pose a…

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Floor and Carpet Drying Solutions for Janitorial Use

Wet floor warning sign

When you work in janitorial services, floor drying fans and carpet dryers are essential tools to have in your arsenal. Wet floors are a fact of life, but the sooner you can dry those wet floors the sooner you can create the safe and secure environment that’s expected. A dry floor allows employees to work…

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Restaurant Floor-Drying Solutions

Restaurant kitchen chef

A restaurant is a place of a hospitality — a venue where you want visitors and customers to feel comfortable and safe. A wet floor is an inevitable part of running a restaurant; spills happen easily and often, and it takes time for floors to dry after a thorough mopping. Wet floors can expose you…

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