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Flood Preparedness Guide


A study has found that, due to climate change, the risk of drenching storms have increased in both arid and wet climates. What this means is that, chances are, there will be more flooding in both types of regions. Unfortunately, it was only in the last few years that people have taken flooding seriously. With…

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Tips to Avoid Spring Flooding

Wet and flooded ground

Spring is one of the most wonderful times of the year. The weather turns nice. The days grow longer, and the flowers start to bloom. Spring can also bring heavy rains, though, which means flooding for some low-lying areas. Is there anything you can do to avoid this potentially damaging phenomenon? There is. Here’s a…

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Spring Pet Safety Tips

Spring Pet Safety Tips

We love our pets, and springtime is one of the best times of the year to get them out of the house to enjoy the nicer weather and longer days. Spring does have its downsides, though, such as allergies and more bugs. It’s important to keep these potential problems in mind, especially when it comes…

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8 Ways to Deal with Spring Shedding

Long-haired white dog

We want our dogs healthy looking and that means we want them with beautiful and lustrous coats. However, when shedding season arrives, they may shed a lot of their hair. The amount of shedding depends on the breed of dog you have. Some dogs have thick coats on the winter which they shed by spring….

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Wildfire Cleanup Jobs in California

Under construction hard hat

Now that the fires have been extinguished, there is a wealth of wildfire cleanup jobs in California. While some of these jobs require specialized experience and certifications, others are available to anyone who needs work and who wants to help in a large-scale recovery. No matter your reason for looking for a job and no…

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Wildfire Recovery In California

Wildfire Recovery in CA

Wildfires are always a threat in California, both in the southern and northern parts of the state, but 2017 was a particularly brutal year on the wildfire front. More than 9,000 separate fires burned over 1.3 million acres of land, according to California’s Department Forestry and Fire Protection. Of course, the 2017 California wildfires led…

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What Causes Floods? Top 8 Common Causes of Flooding

Flooded yard

Flooding is experienced all over the globe and for a variety of reasons — but why exactly does flooding occur? There are several human causes of flooding, including poorly designed infrastructure. There are also natural reasons flooding happens. Here are eight of the most common causes of flooding, both natural and human-induced. And the consequences…

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Tips and Tools of the Trade: A Detailed Look at Attic and Crawl Space Restoration After Fire or Water Damage

Attic & Crawlspace Restoration

The professionals who restore normalcy to their clients’ homes and businesses after a fire or flood have to know the best way to respond in each situation. One person may have had an electrical fire sweep through the attic while another may have a flood gurgling up from their dirt- or cement-floor basement. Attics and…

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Protecting Floors from Salt in the Winter

Mop on wood floor

As the winter months approach, salt use significantly increases. As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), highway de-icing accounts for 43 percent of total manufactured salt. By comparison, food processing only accounts for four percent. While the Salt Institute maintains that road salt reduces crashes by 88 percent and injuries by 85 percent, the…

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