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Floor and Carpet Drying Solutions for Janitorial Use

Wet floor warning sign

When you work in janitorial services, floor drying fans and carpet dryers are essential tools to have in your arsenal. Wet floors are a fact of life, but the sooner you can dry those wet floors the sooner you can create the safe and secure environment that’s expected. A dry floor allows employees to work…

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Restaurant Floor-Drying Solutions

Restaurant kitchen chef

A restaurant is a place of a hospitality — a venue where you want visitors and customers to feel comfortable and safe. A wet floor is an inevitable part of running a restaurant; spills happen easily and often, and it takes time for floors to dry after a thorough mopping. Wet floors can expose you…

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Floor-Drying Solutions for Home Kitchens

Home kitchen

Kitchens are prone to wet floors. This creates a safety hazard for anyone visiting the kitchen and anyone working there. Why is the kitchen floor so likely to become damp? There are many reasons, including spills, splashes from the sink, post-mopping glaze and more. Homeowners want their kitchen floors to remain as dry as possible,…

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How to Properly Use a Dog Dryer

How to use a dog dryer title

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. One thing is true for all dogs, though — at some point, all dogs are going to get wet. Whether your dog needs an emergency wash after a close encounter with a mud puddle or it is just time for his regular monthly grooming, knowing how to clean…

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A Look Into B-Air® Pet Dryers

A Look Into B-Air Pet Dryers

When was the last time you groomed your pet? In many instances, pet owners will take their pups to a professional groomer a few times a year. Or if a pet owner is lucky, he or she may have the opportunity to do so once a month — or perhaps even more frequently than that!…

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National Hardware Show logo

WD RESTORATION DIVISION | PET DIVISION On May, 5th, 6th and 7th, B-Air® was featured for the first time in the 2016 Las Vegas National Hardware Show and showcased its product lines for water damage restoration, dryers for pet & animal grooming, and air blowers for inflatables. B-Air®’s president, Greg A., sales representative, David T., and…

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