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How Do LGR Dehumidifiers Work?

Wet Surface

When dealing with water damage, you need the right tools and equipment to provide quality restoration services. One of the essential tools is a dehumidifier — or several dehumidifiers. How to LGR dehumidifiers work, though — and how to do you know when you’ve found an LGR dehumidifier worth the investment? Here’s a look at…

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Infrastructure Damage After Hurricanes and Major Storms

Roads underwater - Infrastructure damage

Hurricanes and other major storms can devastate cities and entire regions. Residents are often forced from their homes, property is damaged beyond repair — and storms affect infrastructure, too. Think about a storm surge that sweeps over land. It obviously makes an impact on roadways, but it also permeates the many systems that keep our…

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The Economic Effects of Hurricanes

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License Hurricane season starts in late summer and drifts into fall in the United States. Sometimes hurricane season comes and goes with potentially devastating storms weakening somewhere in the Atlantic or Caribbean and making landfall as tropical storms or even less powerful weather…

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How to Clean Soot After a Fire

how to clean soot after a fire

                                Fire is a particularly destructive force that destroys property and burns many materials beyond repair. Whether the fire damage was caused by a wildfire, an electrical fire or a backyard barbecue that got out of control, the results can…

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What to Do After a Natural Disaster

What to Do After a Natural Disaster

                  Fire. Flood. Storm Damage. Natural disasters like these can cause incredible amounts of damage and many homeowners want to restore the damage as quickly as possible following a natural disaster. Unfortunately, in an effort to repair damage, many well-meaning homeowners often do more harm than good….

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Restoration Equipment Placement

B-Air Best Placement for Equipment

                      Most Effective Placement of Water Damage Restoration Equipment There are a lot of factors that can affect the success and efficiency of a water damage restoration project; including severity of the damage and the size of the project, the types of materials damages, and…

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WD RESTORATION DIVISION | PET DIVISION On May, 5th, 6th and 7th, B-Air® was featured for the first time in the 2016 Las Vegas National Hardware Show and showcased its product lines for water damage restoration, dryers for pet & animal grooming, and air blowers for inflatables. B-Air®’s president, Greg A., sales representative, David T., and…

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post 5 photo 1

WD RESTORATION DIVISION By Mark Gibson Picture this scenario. You arrive at a water damage for the first time and find the problem was caused by a leaking supply line in the bathroom. One of the first things you do is scope it out to determine the extent of the damaged area, what’s wet, what’s not….

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post 4 photo 1

WD RESTORATION DIVISION By Mark Gibson One morning you walk to the back of the shop where techs are loading the trucks with equipment. You see that they seem to be purposely ignoring a couple of units. When you ask why, they say, “Yeah, those aren’t working too good”. “So how long”, you ask, “have they…

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post 3 photo 1

WD RESTORATION DIVISION By Mark Gibson There once was a disaster restoration company that was called to dry out a home due to a leaky roof. The restoration company (hereafter noted as the RC) contracted a roofer to install a tarp over the roof to temporarily stop the leak until a fix could be made. During…

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