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Why choose B-Air Blowers?

B-Air® Blowers are the only blowers available on the market with outstanding quality and performance backed by an award for “Best Customer Service”.

Why are low amps so important?

If you rent out or use your inflatables, you know how frustrating breaker “trips” can be and you must either explain to your client what to do over the phone or make another trip back to the client and reset the breaker. A low amp blower will drastically minimize or eliminate this scenario without compromising performance. Also, in the case of operating a generator to power the blowers, the lower the amp draw the more units you are able to hook up to a generator, or use a less powerful generator for one or multiple units.

Why are louvers needed?

Our louvers are designed to insure safety by prolonging the deflation process by automatically shutting the louvers when there is reverse air as a result of unplugging the unit or power failure.

Is it a good idea to have reserve blowers?

Absolutely yes! It’s like driving a car without a spare tire. Even though our products are of high quality and built to last, it is always a good idea to have a backup blower just in case something goes wrong and your booked event is at stake.

What do I do in case of a Warranty Claim?

Just call into our toll free number at 1-877-800-2247 to obtain a RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) and send it in and we will do the rest to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Do I need maintenance on my blowers?

No. Just keep them clean and free from debris, water or heavy moisture.

Can I use an extension cord?

Yes. However make sure it’s a 12-G thick and you do not exceed 25′.

Which model blower do I need?

#KP-1 (Kodiak) | Most versatile used blower for commercial grade inflatable bounce houses/slides in the Inflatable industry that applies to most popular sized units.

#KP-1 (Kodiak) | Most versatile used blower for commercial grade inflatable bounce houses and inflatable slides in the industry that applies to most popular sized units.

#KP-1.5 (Kodiak) | The 1.5HP is used on larger structures up to 18-22 ft. Also very useful to firm up older used units that formerly used a 1.0HP.

#KP-2 (Kodiak) | The most powerful bounce house/ inflatable unit available! This is the BIGGEST, most POWERFUL unit that is strictly for commercial application of 2HP+ POWER.

#BP-2 (Super Bear) | Very powerful 2HP blower for the largest inflatable games/ slides up to 24’+ that require High Static Pressure & CFM. Helps firm up older worn-out units.

#KP-280 (Koala) | To inflate small advertising structures for display only. Not intended for inflatables that accommodate riders.

#KP-680 (Koala) | To inflate back yard/ household bounce houses mostly for consumer size units. They can also be used of advertising inflatable structures as well.

#KP-1200 (Koala) | Inflates typical medium sized consumer/ commercial bounce house units up to 15’ x 15’ footprint.

#GP-1 (Grizzly) | Used for many applications, including advertising roof-top inflatables, cash cubes and various crawl-through inflatables.

#CP-1 (Cub) | Ideal for indoor and outdoor use to inflate all sorts of ornamental inflatable structures for display purposes, including Inflatable chairs.

#BB-1 (Big Bear) & #BB-2 (Big Bear 2) | A powerful vortex fan for advertising sky dancing tubes of all sizes.

What size generator should I use to power up my blower (s)?

We recommend using a minimum of 2000W for an average sized blower. If you need to connect more than one unit, then you will find it useful to use this formula to calculate running watts from the labeled amps on the blowers. For Example: The KP-1 uses 7.0 running amps. Therefore 7.0 (amps) x 115V (volts) = 805 watts to run continuously with back pressure (connected to an inflatable) However, on startup it will use up to 17 amps (17 x 115V = 1955 watts), which is just under a 2000-watts generator.

Note: The startup is high because it needs back pressure from the inflatable to insure continuous low amp draw; otherwise the amps stay high at 17 on free flow.

Can I use these blowers in the rain?

Absolutely not! It is not recommended to use in any environment where there is water present.

How much electricity does my blower use?

Very minimal, as illustrated in the example below:

Example: The #KP-1 (1HP) Blower is running at 115Volts at 7.0 Amps.

(115V X 7.0 Amps) =0.805 Watts / hour, which means the KP-1 consumes approximately 0.805 KWT (Kilowatts) X (an average rate of say $0.16/ hour of electricity) =  $0.13/ hour cost of electricity.