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Air Scrubbers From B-Air®

What is An Air Scrubber?

An air scrubbers is an essential tool when dealing with smoke and soot from fire damage, dust, pollen, mold spores, and tiny airborne particles related to construction and other unique situations. Air scrubbers can remove these tiny particles and other small debris (as small as .3 microns) from the air, which makes your facility or workplace a safer and more pleasant space for customers and workers to visit.

How Does Air Scrubber Work?

Similar with negative air machines, air scrubbers make use of several purification filters to remove contaminants in the air. The machine utilizes a dependable blower that draws in contaminated air while pumping out fresh air.

The power level of the blower should match the efficiency of the filter systems used. Industrial scrubbers come in two types – wet air scrubbers and dry air scrubbers. The former uses a mixture of water and limestone or a specific mixture of chemicals.

These air scrubbers can use water alone to remove dust particles. The latter – air scrubbers – also use limestone and additional chemicals but with less or no moisture.

Traditional air cleaners use reactive purification wherein the mold, viruses, germs, pollen and other contaminants enter a building’s duct system and find they way into the air cleaner.

On the other hand, air scrubbers release hydro-peroxides into the air, which disinfect and clean the air and surfaces.

At B-Air®, our commercial air scrubbers can deodorize and remove airborne particles from large spaces, making them the most comfortable and enjoyable environments possible after water damage, fire damage, construction and other events.

Air Scrubber Benefits

Air Scrubber Benefits

Cleans and freshens air:
Air scrubbers are effective in removing larger airborne contaminants like dust and dirt, while releasing air cleaning agents that destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) mold, odors and pollutants in the air and various surfaces.

Not only does this device ‘scrub’ air, it also deodorizes and purify it. Negative air machines or air scrubbers also reduce airborne toxins naturally. When you turn on the air conditioner, fan or furnace, commercial air scrubbers begin its job of keeping air clean and fresh.

Clears allergens and pathogens:
Dirty air can cause many uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, sore throat and stuffy nose. Industrial air scrubbers are highly beneficial for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems because they clear airborne particles. Research shows that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

Protects wood, furniture and other surfaces:
Air scrubbers do not only clean the air. They also clean various types of surfaces due to the cleaning particles they emit. Everything from the furniture, door knobs, countertops, walls, and virtually everything inside your home or commercial facility.

Best Air Scrubber from B-Air®

B-Air® Air Scrubber is a portable filtration system that eliminates most types of air contaminants in an efficient and energy-saving manner. It creates cleaner air in any environment by capturing large and small particles.

Our commercial air scrubbers are known for their unparalleled safety and efficiency, featuring adjustable speed settings for flexible applications. It’s the best air scrubber for mold, dirt, dust, VOCs, and so much more.

Commercial HEPA Air Scrubbers From B-Air®

When you choose B-Air® for your air scrubber, you can count on getting quality, durability and long-term performance that you can count on.

Our selection of commercial scrubbers includes the B-Air® RA-650 HEPA air scrubber, which is ideal for removing small airborne contaminants from an environment affected by mold, soot, or other undesirable airborne particles.

Meet the B-Air® RA-650 HEPA Air Scrubber

The B-Air® RA-650 air scrubber for sale uses up to three states of filtration, which include pre-filtration, a second stage that’s optional, as well as a final filtration stage through a HEPA filter. It cleans any environment, removing the pet dander, mold, pollen, dust and other particles that must be removed from your workspaces or customers’ areas.

The B-Air® RA-650 is also safe and easy to use. It is C-ETL certified in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and south America; this means it meets or exceeds some of the most rigorous safety standards in the industry.

It also features a variable speed switch for different speed settings. This air scrubber includes a 1/3 horsepower rated motor, and it can be daisy chained with a GFCI port.

Count on B-Air® When You Need a High Quality HEPA Air Scrubber

At B-Air®, we serve a wide range of service professionals who need equipment of the highest quality so they can do their best work.

We serve janitorial teams, water damage and fire damage restoration professionals and many others who need commercial dry air scrubbers, air movers, commercial dehumidifiers and much more.

No matter what type of work you do, and no matter what type of equipment you need, you can count on getting the best of the best when you choose B-Air®. We focus on quality in everything we do, from the design to manufacturing to shipping the product out the door.

Our industrial air scrubbers are among the best you can choose when you need to remove particles from your organization’s spaces, and they are an efficient alternative to industrial wet air scrubbers.

These portable air scrubbers for sale are simple to store and easy to transport to a job site. Our customers choose our commercial air scrubbers, and they enjoy long-term value that comes with B-Air® brand products.

Get in Touch With Our Experts

Are you ready to learn more about your industrial air scrubber options available through B-Air®? Contact one of our product experts today to get the guidance you need as you make an investment in equipment that will benefit your business for years to come.