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B-Air® | Building the World’s Most Reliable Blowers for the Inflatable Industry

When you have inflatable items like bounce house, inflatable slides, advertising balloons and similar products, you need an inflatable blower that can be depended upon for everyday safe operation. B-Air® prides itself in creating the highest of quality blowers to serve the needs of the ever-changing and evolving inflatable industry. As a result of our superior products, innovative designs and outstanding customer service, B-Air® is the preferred choice for blowers of leading manufacturers and party rental companies in the inflatable industry.  You are safer with B-Air®!

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The Benefits You Enjoy With B-Air® Inflatable Blowers

At B-Air®, we have nearly 20 years of experience in creating products for commercial service providers. We use our experience and knowledge in this industry to create industrial air movers, dryers, blowers, industrial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

What does that mean for you? It means when you choose B-Air® for inflatable blowers, you are getting an expert. For over two decades we have been improving our innovative models to offer you the best in engineering and design, and we take pride in our inflatable blowers.

Not only do we create products of the highest quality, but we are also pushing to get better at what we do. Rest assured that what you see in our selection of commercial bounce house blowers, and similar inflatable blower products, represents that latest and greatest in development, technology and innovation.

Our Diverse Selection of Products

Our customers always come to us with different needs. Our selection of blowers often finds use in commercial bounce house rental services. We offer a wide selection of inflatable blowers to fit just about every inflatable need from bounce houses to water slides to advertising balloons. You will find different models above like our very popular line of Kodiak models, the B-Air® Super Bear BP-2+, B-Air® line of Koalas, the B-Air® Cub ¼ CP-1, the B-Air® Grizzly GP-1, the B-Air® Big Bear III models and more.

These models offer different levels of horsepower, ranging from ¼ HP to 2 HP depending on your needs. They also offer different capabilities such as multiple speed options, lockable wheels, and more. You have unique needs, and we can meet those unique needs by offering a wide range of replacement blowers for inflatables.

The Many Uses for Blowers

Some of the most popular uses of inflatable blowers are to inflate advertising balloons, bounce houses, and holiday blowup decorations. These uses can be demanding on both the inflatable itself and on the blower — which is why we pay attention to every aspect of design when we manufacture our inflatable blowers.

We have done everything possible to create the quality, durable products we know our customers want and need. We know that investing in quality equipment pays off for businesses in the long run, which is why we work so hard to provide high-quality equipment at affordable prices.

Get Your Inflatable Blowers from B-Air®

Are you searching for the perfect bounce house blower? Need replacement blowers for inflatables after your old blowers bit the dust? At B-Air®, we offer the wide selection of high-quality bounce house blower options you have been looking for. Get an inflatable blower replacement that offers the capabilities and features you need, and then enjoy your new commercial bounce house blower as it performs year after year.

Questions? Contact us online or by calling 877-800-2247.