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Janitorial Air Movers & Floor Dryers

Custodial staff at facilities and buildings large and small need the right equipment to do their work and achieve the best possible results. That might include handling a restroom leak, drying a floor after cleaning, heavy rainfall induced flooding in basements and other areas, as well as moisture accumulation that can lead to the growth of mildew and mold.

In this industry you need versatile air movers that can be used in a variety of ways. Janitorial air movers can dry floors quickly and minimize the impact of water after regular cleaning or an unplanned water-related incident.

B-Air© Janitorial Air Movers

At B-Air©, we manufacture the best janitorial air movers on the market, we also offer the best wholesale janitorial air movers for maximum savings. Our wide selection includes different floor dryer options that ensure you always have access to the floor and carpet-drying power you need. Take a closer look at our inventory:

  • B-Air© Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover: This is perhaps one of the most compact air moving options you’ll find. At just 12 pounds, the Flex FX-1 Mini is highly transportable, though its ¼ HP motor can deliver powerful performance whenever it’s time to go to work. It’s dependable, too, able to be left overnight and for long periods of time to dry out water-affected spaces.
  • B-Air© PB-25 Axial Air Mover: This ¼ HP janitorial air mover perfects the balance between portability and power. It can fit into crawl spaces, closets, attics and other tight spots with ease, and a single individual can easily carry it to a work site from wherever it’s stored. It can be run at three different settings, and it can be placed for maximum air flow anywhere from horizontal to 18 degrees.
  • B-Air© Vent VP-25 Compact Air Mover: The name says it all: This air mover provides powerful performance in a compact body that’s easy to move into place and simple to store because you can stack up to five units. You can even daisy chain up to five of these units.
  • B-Air© Vent VP-33 Air Mover: This 1/3 HP air mover creates a powerful airflow that can assist when you have drying needs that require a little more power. As with all B-Air© air moving products, the Vent VP-33 features rotomolded plastic housing that fully protects the motor from damage when taking on floor drying work in institutional environments.
  • B-Air© Vent VP-50 Air Mover: This centrifugal air mover is about half the size of its predecessors while delivering the same powerful performance as other models that have come before it. Set at up to three different angles, and count on the ½ horsepower motor to create a powerful vortex that dries floors and other spots quickly.
  • B-Air© Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover: This 1 HP air mover is the most powerful floor dryer available through B-Air©. While it may be our largest, most powerful, most versatile model, it is still lightweight and simple to transport.

B-Air©: Your Source for High-Quality Janitorial Air Movers

B-Air© is a highly-respected brand in the janitorial and water damage restoration equipment industry. Our products are designed to handle the toughest jobs while delivering ease of use to those using them.

You’ll find janitorial air movers that are compact in size but that balance their small size with powerful performance for difficult situations. Each B-Air© floor dryer meets the highest quality and safety standards, which means you get long-term value and the results that you want and need.

Quality Products from Experts

Need help finding the ideal options from among our many carpet drying air movers and floor dryer options? You can always count on us for expert guidance as you make your selection, as well as technical support during ownership.

Make your selection and find that air moving experts like those at B-Air© are best positioned to design and manufacture high-quality janitorial air movers.

Find the Perfect Floor Dryer for Your Needs

Are you in need of janitorial floor drying equipment? Take a look at our inventory, and choose from among different styles, capabilities, and more. Looking to buy in large quantities? Call us today to save on bulk equipment packs.

Contact us today for assistance as you search for the best in janitorial air movers.