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Save Money

Save Money With the Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer

You love your dog like a member of your family, and you want the best for your dog when it comes to food, healthcare, grooming and other basic needs. But these costs can add up each month, and as much as you love your dog, you also have a budget to stay within.

That is why we offer B-Air® pet dryers that can help you save money on grooming expenses. The Fido Max 1 dog dryer is a home pet dryer that makes owning a dog more affordable. The B-Air® Fido Max 1 dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan can help you save money in a variety of ways.

Overcoming the Cost of a Visit to the Groomer

The Fido Max 1 dog dryer isn’t here to fully replace the need for a groomer, but it does allow you to skip a visit or two by taking on some of those responsibilities at home. The grooming cost you experience can range between $40 and $100, depending on where you choose to go. That money adds up month after month. In fact, you can probably look back over a year and see that you spent more than $1,000 on your dog.

That investment is one that animal lovers make gladly. However, what if you could make a one-time investment that would save you on the grooming cost of owning a dog without sacrificing any of the benefits?

A Dog Grooming Dryer Is a One-Time Purchase

Most dog owners do not enjoy bathing their animals. It can be a pain, mostly because dog owners rarely have the right tools to do a job equivalent to a professional groomer. However, what if there were an inexpensive solution? The Fido Max 1 dog dryer is the solution you have been waiting for.

Rather than dropping the $40 to $100 you spend each month on grooming costs, you make a small, one-time investment in a professional-grade home pet dryer that saves you tons of money over the long-term. You can successfully dry your pet without the hassle of using a traditional hair dryer or tools that are not meant for dog grooming.

Trust the Experts

The Fido Max 1 dog dryer has the endorsement of Cesar Millan, one of the most successful and respected dog trainers in the world. B-Air® pet dryers are designed to represent the utmost in quality and value for you as a pet owner, and the endorsement of Cesar Millan is just one small indication of the satisfying results a home pet dryer by B-Air can help you achieve.

Save money without sacrificing your animal’s care when you choose the B-Air® Fido Max-1 dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan.

Why Dry at Home?

Here is a surprise: grooming your dog at home can be a bonding activity. You get to save money by using a home pet dryer that is designed for use on canines, but because of this unique design, the entire process is far more enjoyable for both the owner and the pet. Say “goodbye” to those regular grooming fees when you make a one-time investment in a dog grooming dryer, and enjoy the experience of bonding with your pet through the grooming process.

The cost of a visit to the groomer can add up over time, so choose a different path with this high-velocity dog dryer from B-Air®.

Products for Today’s Pet Owners

At B-Air®, everything we do is focused on meeting the unique needs of our customers. That means delivering quality, durable home pet dryers and similar products that create value for dog owners just like you. You will find that our Fido Max 1 dog dryer gets the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively, and you will also discover significant savings after a year of use.

Make sure you are getting the best for yourself and the best for your dog when you choose the B-Air® Fido Max-1 dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan.